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How to teach a baby dragon to fly

By Sarah, 11, Bedford, UK

Instructions on how to teach a Baby Dragon to fly

1. Before you start the process check the childÂ’s wings and make sure they are not aching or have been cut as this is sure to make your child lose their balance, and also check that their tail is curled neatly onto their back so as not to get in the way.

2. Start your child off by flapping their wings briskly, then gently clutch them in each paw and lift them up so they are over your head. This will help to make them feel like they are really flying!

3. Once they have completed this task bring them down to the ground. Next tightly tie a piece of string round the curled tail and then gently push them off a cliff and ask them to flap hard whilst still gripping onto the string TIGHTLY!!!!

4. The child should be able to fly round in a circle with the string loose; if the child is not able to fly then they have not developed properly and should not try again for at least 3 weeks.

5. If your child can fly, then well done to them and you, as, you have taught a child to fly!

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