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How To disappear In Times Of Trouble!

By Stef, 12, South Africa

Do Not Attempt Unless Grade A Magicianistic Dragon.

You Will Need:

Saphirre stone
Ruby stone color
3 thilmactic mountain rocks
Estalmic mountin Water
Villaty powder
Coalfic maclactis petal
Trippled vine
Multicolored pot
Salma Glass Jar

1. Place multicolored pot over fire leave for 10 tittle winks, then pour Estalmic mountain water into heated multicolored pot and stir Gently until bubbling.
2.Add Ruby stone color 5 tittle winks after Estalmic mountain water starts to bubble. Stir for 3 rounds.
3.Place thilmactic mountain rocks in a triangle and let them sink to bottom of pot.
4.Once thilmactic mountain rocks have sunken carefully add Shaphirre stone.
5.Sprinkle villaty powder on top of water mixture.
6.Place Caolfic maclactis petal on top of pwder and let sink through.
7.Wind trippled vine around outside of potand tie in loffy knot.
8.Chant: Istomacolie francico telmotie Ifunya maylyuka Istonya. 6 times.
9.Once the swirling water calms pour 10 tripletings into Salma Glass Jar and close Salma Glass Jar containig substance.
10.Leave to stand for 1 lomac.
11.Carry with you until needed
12.Once needed close eyes and tip hed backwards pour 2 tripletings onto tongue and concentrate on disapearing, you will find yourself slowley becoming invisable
13.1 tripleting will last 1 treap, 2 will last 2 treaps,3 will last 3 treaps and so on.


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