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The Sea Serpent of Lake Dronton

By Amber, 9, West Hartford, Conneticut, US

Lake Dronton is a very special place.However,it is located near the Land of Monsters. There was rare kind of dragon,called the Saphant Sermin who lived in the Land of Monsters and was a greenish gold color and had only 2 feet and no wings. Then the species started to evolve into a long,snake-like body. Then the 2 feet disapeared. The Saphant Sermin started to swim in Lake Dronton and became very used to being around water. Then the dragons started to grow very big and long. But then a terrible thing happened. A toxic plant grew in the Land of Monsters. A Saphant did not know this and one female Saphant ate a leaf, just a leaf, and the dragon started to grow so big and long, bigger and longer than any other kind of dragon. They named her The Saphant Sermin of Lake Dronton. But the species were no longer counted as a dragon. And the name "Saphant Sermin" became "Sea Serpent". So from that day on, we honor The Sea Serphant of Lake Dronton.

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