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Are dragons exciting?

From Stacey, 12, Anglesey, Wales

Well obviously dragons are excitingÂ….they can breathe fire at people and they can fly lolÂ….of course they are exciting!!!

From Chloe, 14, SA, Australia

Dragons are very exciting

From Aaron, 10, Wallan, Vic., Australia

Why do people think dragons exist? They don't and they never will. They only use them in stories, games and things like that.

From Ashlen, 8, Denver, Colorado, US

I think that some dragons have special talents. Like flying to the moon or jumping all the way around the planet.

From Ebonie, 9, Southport, Queensland, Australia

Yes! Dragons are very exciting!

From Jack, 6, Morpeth, Northumberland, UK

I think dragons are very exciting.

From Jack & Tyrone, 13, Perth, Australia

Yes, dragons are very exciting.

From kathryn, 11, Astley , Greater Manchester , England

Of course dragons are exciting. There isn't any other creature like them. They can fly, breath fire, swim (brilliantly)and they look amazing!!! Dragons are also really interesting. I've never read a book with a dragon in it and found it boring. Dragons are one of the most exciting creatures to ever live!!!

From Lauren, 10, Cullercoats, England

No. They never have been, they never will be so get over it!

From Derry and Rachel, 10, Newcastle, UK

Yes we think dragons are really exciting because you could ride on their backs if you were bored. It would be like a fair ground ride.
Also dragons have wonder features and they are truely wonder creatures.

From Alex, 10, Leicester, England

I think dragons are cool because of the variations of colours. I like dragons when they wear sunglasses. Dragons are really exciting creatures because not many people have seen them.

From Maisie and Demi, 10, Leicester, Narborough, England

Definately, they are fire breathing creatures which have always been some what of a question mark. With their scaly skin and their enormous wings they are mysterious monsters which will be passed down throughout history.

From Catherine, 11, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK

Dragons are exciting because they are the source of good stories and the main characters in really good movies. Even though they dont exist - they will always exist in our minds.

From Alison, 10, Monsey, New York, US

In my free time, I always enjoy sketching out imaginary creatures of my own, but I really should be drawing some dragons. Dragons are really exciting!

From The Mayor, 76, Dragonsville

Hey, great new discussion Stephanie.
I'm glad you think that us dragons ARE exciting because I can tell you we have some crazy days around here!
Firetooth is always making us laugh with his mad antics over at the Cave of Fame, oh and have you read about the day that a hunter came to the village? It is one of the instant stories over in the scroll.
Now that was an really exciting day.

From Stephanie, 10, Cedar Park, Texas, US

I think dragons are exciting because of all the stories about them. I also think they are interesting, too.


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