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What was Gorde's promise? (Read his story here)

From Dalton, 11, Columbus, GA, USA

They were talking about Gorde in Dragonville's history and I was left clueless. What was the promise. does anyone know?

From Ashlen, 8, Denver Colorado , US

I think gorde promised to keep peace with the humans.

From Derry and Rachel, 10, Cullercoats, Newcastle, UK

We think Gorde's promise was that he would kill all the humans on earth or trap them in a dungeon and use them for slaves. We think Gorde was very nasty to us humans.

From Simran sachdava, 10, Mississaga, Canada

I think he [Gorde] is trapped forever.

From Jacob, 11, Athens, Tenessee, US

I think he promised that in many years dragons could roam freely once more after knights and others that treatened them were gone.

From Anthony, 10, Hong Kong, China

I think that Gorde promised to destroy all humans on earth and make life peaceful for animals and dragons.


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