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Should dragons be a protected species?

From Ben, 11, Middlesbrough UK

Yes I think dragons should be a protected species because they can become great pets when they are tamed. They are becoming endangered due to their decline in numbers.

From Jessica, 12, Forrest, Illinois,USA

I think that dragons are a harmless species, that get angry when creatures annoy them, just like humans do. They should be protected not only because they are becoming extinct, but because they are creatures that mean no harm.

From Chaz, 12, Colchester

Hi everyone. I believe in dragons, and so should you! But that's your opinion, anyway do you think dragon's should be a protected species?

From Nicole, 10, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Absolutely! Dragons are so cute, and only attack if attacked. All of those knights just want the fame and glory. Protect the dragons, I say!

From Charlotte, 9 years old, Tucson, Arizona, US

Well, it's hard to say, because Dragons are fierce, and they can protect themselves, but they're scarce.

From Thommy B, 9, Woodstock

No way! They are stupid creatures that go around breating fire on everyone and destroying towns. They're evil!

From Charlotte, 9, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK

Yes, because if we don't look after them we won't be able to use the things we have in every day life,
e.g. Barbeques;roasting things, Cooking;lighting the hobs, Going to bed/Candles;not being able to light the candles.

No, because they are ugly and do very bad things:
Guarding your money or stealing it from you. For scaring younger children.

From David, 10, Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland

I think dragons should be a protected species because:

#1 Stories would not be stories without dragons.

#2 They are so popular.

From Sabine, 8, Windsor Conneticut, US

Dragons should be protected because they are gentle and endangered.

From Nicky, 14, Narrogin, Western Australia

They should - unless they kill others - but all dragons should be acknowledged.

From Nicola, 10, Victoria, Australia

Dragons should live in reserves so the nasty Knights don't hunt them. In a Dragon reserve they could live with family and friends.

From Ebonie, 9, Southport, Queensland, Gold Coast, Australia

Yes, dragons should be a protected species. Otherwise, knights could decide to attack the dragons and hurt them. So I think they should be a protected species.

From Derry, 10, Cullercoats, UK

They don't exist!

From Britney, 11, Orlando, Florida, US

I think dragons should not be hunted down because then we would not have any more.

From Echo, 10, New York, US

I think dragons should be a protected species because you never know when they will be extinct.

From Lauren, 10, Leeds, UK

i don't think they should be a protected species, because they don't even exist, and if they did I'd kill them anyway!

From Samuel, 8, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, UK

I think that dragons should be a protected species.

From Caitlin, 10, Tyne and Wear, UK

Why should dragons be protected. I hate them.

From Susan, 8, Yorkshire, UK

I'm Susan. I think dragons exist, since I'm a big beliver of magic. It's terrible that they're nearly extinct, they should be a protected species!

From Louise, 10, Cullercoats, England

Dragons smell a bit, but they need protecting. Dragons might have killed our friends and look ugly but I like them!

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