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Do dragons really exist?

From Lucy, 10, Wiliamston Michigan

I think dragons exist.

From Stef, 12, South Africa

Dragons apparently come from years and years ago. No-one is quite sure whether they exist or not, so the question is even if they did exist are they still alive now? They could come in any shape or form not neccesarily the way people describe them or imagine them, so it could be extremely difficult to identify them!

If they did exist and remember that is an if, then surely people would take the trouble to protect their species? Would people protect their species because are so many years old and take part in so many historic stories? Mabye for educational resons, I know I would like to see the kind of dragon that played in that story! According to me if dragons do exist they should be protected, it would be amazing for people to see such historic and amazing creatures.

If you want to meet that special lion you have been waiting ages to see or whatever animal it might be, donate a little bit to the places that are making your wish their command. I people didn't donate what they do then most of the animals you see at the zoo or at nature parks would be extinct. Not everybody is giving what they could and to amazing places like those every tiny amount helps. So why don't you pop down to your local RSPCA or donate some money to the WWE and give a little.

From Mikey, 8, Oxford

Dear Everyone,

I know that there are real Dragons because I go to the Dragon School in Oxford and we are all Dragons here!! We have girl Dragons and boy Dragons. The boys wear blue shorts a grey polo top, a sweat shirt and short grey socks. The girls wear a tartan cotton dress and money belt with blue socks, and a blue sweat shirt. We are kind dragons and look forward to your answer.
PS we have gerbil dragons in our class!!

From Molly, 10, Dallas ,Texas

Do dragons exist now I know they used to because they found bones in Romania but do they still exist?

From Bob, 12, Monticello

Yes there is evidence all around us.

From Garett, 7, Singapore

Maybe, some people think that dragons exist, some do not. However,the truth is unknown.

From Christine, 13, Lancaster

I have a book on dragons and they say dragons have fairy dust; is that ture?
And if there real why haven't I seen one?

From Matt, Ten, Penfield

They really exist.

From Tsion, 9, Oakville, Ontario

I have only seen dragons on t.v. Besides
Komodo dragons, do any others exist?

From Krystina, 15, Lufkin, Texas, USA

Yes,... of course dragons exist. In a sense. The dragons of which this website speaks are of course mythical beings, gifted with the ability to breathe fire, and take flight... (and possibly a variety of other "powers")... while in reality animals classified as "dragons", such as the Komodo, are usually only gifted with brute strength, and a poisonous bite. My conclusion is that, dragons are real... just not mythical dragons, hence the word mythical, which comes from Myth... meaning a story or telling that is untrue...

From Middian, 13, New South Wales

Hi my name is Middian. I'm a huge fan of dragons. Are you?

From Corey Kellry, 11, Mesa

Of course they are real!

From Rebecca Sibert, 16, Millville, NJ, USA

There are probably millions of reasons as to why dragons are popular.

Some of the ancient pottery show lizard like creatures which look remarkably like dinosaurs. In Babylon there were pictures in the stones showing dragons. About 200 years after Christ's birth, there was a Roman piece of pottery showing two long neck fighting each other. . . or kissing. But anywho, when you think of Sir Kill-a-lot being able to slay a T-Rex, you can imagine how famous he would be after that sort of encounter.

Another reason a dragon might be popular is the idea of a creature being able to produce fire. The only creature that I know of in existance today that can produce something similar is the bombadier beetle, which uses three or four types of chemicals to produce "fire". Similarly, it is scientifically possible that dragons could actually breath fire, and scientist have discovered that some dinosaur fossils show that some of them had special designs in the skull for storing chemicals.

Also, kids like dragons like some kids like crocodiles. A unicorn is generally known for only liking girls, and the girls have to be what's known as a maiden to be able to get close to a unicorn. A dragon will come close to anyone he wants and will eat both boys and girls-- they taste the same to him, so dragons are gender nuetral.

From Chris, 12, Seabrook, Texas, USA

Dragons most certainly exist. Haven't any of you people thought of evolution? Take the whale for example; The whale used to live on land in prehistoric times. Later, through millions of years of evolution, the whale turned back to the sea. Why cant dragons be any different? The kamodo dragon is classified as a dragon, the only thing is, it's not the winged, crested, majestic, fire breathing dragon we would think of!

Then again, dragons would most certantly be at the top of the food chain. Perhaps there wasn't enough food for the dragons to survive.

Maybe it was the very human race itself. It could be true that we destroyed the great dragon race. The human race is a race growing at a rapid rate. And a Huge race has to have lots of room right? Maybe we destroyed the habitats of the dragons. It could be that where you are sitting right now could be a destroyed dragon area.
In conclusion, I am for certain that dragons exist or once existed. Please, help keep the few remaining dragons ( if any) alive and kept secret.

From Cian, 7, London, UK

My favourite type of Dragon is a Western Dragon because it breathes fire. It is called "The King of the West" because it is the biggest and toughest of all the dragons. baglady@rapidnet.com

From John, 13, Madisonville, HY, USA

How can you say Dragons were not mentioned in the Bible? they are mention countless times in many ways. Dragons are referred to as the devil, the beast, and even other items that were described as having the head of a dragon. Also the earlier writings of the hebrew text used a word called the 'Draco' which is actually a translation believed to be of large reptilian flying creatures. Who said a dragon could not have been referred to as a teridactyl for that matter? The best explanation i can come up with is that Dragons existed when the dinasaurs did and lived among them. and have been translated to this day into a name among the rest of those dinasaurs ...unlike in history when they were merely referred to as Dragons, dracos, spectors, beasts, demons or whatever. AS for fire coming from their mouths, Teridactyls lived in hilly or mountain areas where the air was thin up high and apon coming up from down lower to the ground their own breath would have taken the same visual effect as you or I breathing in and out the chilly winter air resulting in the image of smoke. As the air thins out the gasses that are trapped in it are released like that. similar to the creation of some clouds. From the ground the smoke would appear as though the 'dragon' was breathing fire.

From Frances, 13, Tonasket, WA, USA

I really think dragons are real. I was just wondering if anybody else thinks so too. Could you please answer me back?

From Dalton, 11, Columbus, GA, USA

Dragons exist. Period. They have to exist. People say "No, dragons don't exist." In the past I've said "no." But now I think they do. They hide themselves in the shadows and become invisible. I also think they actually did move somewhere and those that become invisible and all are brave. I also think they're a little sad about all we say about them. So, in my eyes they exist.

From Caz, 11, England wilmslow (Manchester)

Can people stop being so annoying I mean Dragons have absolutely nothing to do with Stupid religion, HELLO they are MYTHICAL creatures not religious one and so what that god did not mention them in the bible did he mention dinosaurs and now I have FOUR things to say
1) YOU ROCK people who believe
2) YOU CAN DO IT people who don’t know
3) Look at the facts people who don’t believe
And last

From James and Cas, 12, London, England

We think that it is very unlikly that the dragons people write about really exist. If the dragons were around here, at this day with all this technology, it's doubtless we would have found them by now.

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