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Could you write the story of St. George and the dragon,
but rewrite it from the point of view of the dragon?

  • Was the dragon really a monster that the village needed to be rid of?
  • Was the dragon just misunderstood by everyone?
  • How did the dragon feel when the nasty knight appeared from nowhere to battle it?

Send your entries to us using the form below.

The competition closing date is Friday, June 18th, 2004

See the prizes here.


Title of your story:

Your first name:

Your email address (optional): You will need to put this in accurately if you would like us to contact you when your writing appears in Dragonsville. Privacy Statement

Your age:

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Your school's city or town, county or state and country:
(If you're writing from home, enter your home city or town, county or state and country)

Your story: Please check that spelling and grammar are as good as you would wish, and that you haven't made any typos. Writing that needs a lot of editing will not be accepted for the website. Entries all in capitals will not be published.

Now check your writing again. Are you sure it's as good as you can get it?
We never give out or publish email addresses.

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