Chapter three

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The story dragon

Chapter three

Naumann Elementary School, Texas, US

“I think we should ask that dragon for directions,” said Nick, pointing to the middle aged dragon guarding the central door in front of them. “He looks pretty smart”.
“Wait!” cried Tizzy, “We have a map!”
“Well remembered little one!” said Dracospeare. He pulled out the map. Everyone crowded around Dracospeare to get a good look at where they were.

“Let’s go to Lake Dronton, I’m thirsty!” said Silverwing.

“That means going past that young dragon,” said Chandra.

“Well, maybe he’s friendly,” said Tizzy. He walked up to the dragon. It stared down at him with cold, dark eyes. Tizzy suddenly felt a wave of foreboding wash over him. “Uh… hi!” he stammered cautiously, “My name is Tizzy. Me and Dracospere, Silverwing, Chandra, and Nick would like to go through this… uh… door,”

But the dragon only stared at him silently. Suddenly, it opened its mouth wide. The mouth got bigger and bigger, until it was just a big, black hole. Then the hole started to swirl. It sucked in the air around Tizzy and the others. Then they all got sucked into the giant black hole themselves.

“Aaahhh!” Silverwing screamed, but her voice was drowned by the howling of the wind as they all got pulled forward into the darkness.
Finally, Chandra opened her eyes. “Where are the others?’ she thought.

A groan beside her made her turn around. Nick was lying flat on his back. He seemed to be in perfect condition, except for the fact that he looked positively windswept.

“Hey, Nick, are you okay?” she asked. A soft mumble told her that he was at least alive. “Where do you think Dracospeare and the other two went?” she inquired.

“I think they went into different portholes,” replied Nick in a strained voice.

“We- we got separated!” she stammered. Then she saw that they were sitting right next to what seemed to be Lake Dronton.

When Silverwing opened her eyes, she saw sparkles. She shook her head and stood up. Tizzy was already standing, and when he saw that Silverwing was okay, he let out a sigh of relief. “What happened?” asked Sliverwing.
“I don’t know,” answered Tizzy, “but we’re definitely not with Chandra, Nick, and Dracospeare anymore,”
“Well, then, where are they?”
“That’s exactly what I asked myself earlier, while you were still lying there,” replied Tizzy.
“Oh, no! We got split up!”
“That’s not the only thing- I think we’re in the Caves of Sorcery!”

Dracospeare, however, wasn’t panicking as much as they were, although he was very worried. I must try to find them, he thought, picking himself up off the ground. That was before he realized that he was in a forest.

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