Chapter three

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The story dragon

Chapter three

Luckwell Primary School, Bristol, UK

“What will we do now?” sighed Chandra. It was obvious that none of the dragons were going to let them through any of these doors.

“Crikey” shouted Dracospeare gawping at the oldest dragon “ I know you, you went to Dragonsway high school with me 300 years ago, - you’re Scooby Who the scardiest dragon in the school! “

“I remember you, too” stuttered Scooby, his knees knocking together “You’re Daring Dracospeare, the daredevil dragon of Dragonsway High!”
“Hmmm … you were always hungry at school” said Dracospeare.

“And I still am …..” said Scooby “you haven’t got a Dragosnack on you for me to eat do you?”
“Indeed I have” replied Draco spotting an opportunity to get through the door.

He waved a large snack he just happened to have in his pocket in front of Scooby and tossed it at his face. Scaredy Scooby covered his face and cowardly ducked.
“Run!” hissed Draco breathing fire at the door. The dragonets dashed through the hole made by the fire and whizzed down a long dark tunnel before the other guards had chance to see what was going on.

“I’ve got to stop running” panted Nick “– I’m feeling really weird!”
“So am I” said Chandra, “all sort of …… weightless.”
“I feel like I’m upside down” said Silverwing.
“Yeah, … Dizzy” added Tizzy
“Ha ha, Dizzy Tizzy” giggled Silverwing.
“Silence” snapped Dracospeare, “this is no laughing matter “what’s wrong with us all?”

They soon saw exactly what was wrong with them…. the walls were not made of rock but were mirrors – mirrors that did not reflect them. Didn’t they exist anymore?
“I know, I’ll breathe some fire to check”, suggested Dracospeare, but nothing was reflected in the mirrors. …………………………..

Chandra turned around and gasped - directly in front was another mirror, but this time a triangle of awful ghostly faces stared back at them – terrible, fearful things surrounded by a freezing mist. The five dragons trembled with fright.

Tizzy was the first to come to his senses – “…. Pah, I’M not scared” he snorted, and before the others could stop him he marched up to the mirror and reached out to touch the faces, his hand met an icy wall.

Dracospeare reached out and pulled him back. But it was too late. They all stared at Tizzy who was becoming more transparent by the moment.

Not only was Tizzy weightless, he was rapidly becoming bodiless!
“What shall we do?” As they stared in amazement a piece of paper fluttered into the circle they had made.

The dragons read the large black words written neatly on the page and whistled in disbelief.

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