Chapter Four

by St Mark's C E Junior School


"Salt!" cried Daisy.

"Salt? What do you mean, salt? What is salt?" puzzled Petunia. "Oh you mean the slug dissolver!"

Daisy reached into her pocket and pulled out a small blue tub of salt. She always carried it around with her for good luck. They started to run and Captain Slug came slithering after them, until they reached the wall of the shell - they were cornered!

"Don't move!" shouted Slug, holding up his gun. Daisy pulled off the lid of the tub and hurled salt at the Slug's back.

"Aargh!" screamed Captain Slug. "I'm melting!" The next minute he was a pool of slime.

"Quick! This way. Follow me!" It was Pinash. They all followed and eventually stumbled across the most extraordinary room.

"I've never seen such a place!" exclaimed Daisy. "What is it?" she asked curiously.

"It's Captain Slug's invention hall," replied Petunia, she seemed strangely familiar with the room. A large device loomed in the darkness.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Pinash. "Captain Slug's cloning machine - the Copyo Cloner! I forgot he had it. There must be millions of Captain Slugs by now!" As Daisy walked past the Copyo Cloner Petunia silently pressed an orange button.

Quickly they raced to the pink spaceship and prepared to leave for Pinkerello. As they flew back for the competition, there ahead of them...the Slimy Terror! Who would get there first?

In the window of the Slimy Terror, Petunia could see -- an exact replica of Daisy! Petunia smiled, secretly.

Lights flashed on Pinash's control panel. "Petunia, tell me how you were captured by Captain Slug," asked Pinash.

"Er...I was captured as a child when a Pinkerellian ship was intercepted," explained Petunia.

"So why is it that my Scanomatic Machine shows you to be a slug??" announced Pinash.

Suddenly Petunia turned into a slug with a ray gun in its hand.

"How did you know that I was Captain Slug's daughter?"

There was a stunned silence.

"She's getting away!" shouted Pazaz.

"ZZZZZZ!" A ray gun fired. Daisy had shot Petunia.

"We're here!" announced Pinash as he stepped from the spaceship onto the pink planet of Pinkerello. Daisy was astounded. Everything, every building, every river, every tree, was pink.

"Wow, it's just so pink!" exclaimed Daisy.

"Ah, it's so beautiful," stuttered Pinash.

The four of them jumped into a hover speeder, and headed for the competition at over 300 pinks per hour, (that's 80 miles per hour to us). Soon, a large building loomed over them, quite similar to a football ground.

"That's it!" said Pazaz, "the Rose Cup venue."

A door opened and they sped inside. They grabbed an order list, and saw they were number 24. Suddenly, a voice boomed. "Could number 23 from Yellowarelid please come into the ring."

"Eh? We're next!" exclaimed Proddle.

"Yes, we obviously must be," said Daisy quietly. They thought they would be all right, but then they saw Captain Slug smiling quietly in the corner....

"Um, Daisy, you're over there as well!" said Pazaz confused.

"What on earth...How did Slug get me copied!" shouted Daisy.

"Unless…" said Pinash.

"Why are you looking at me like that!" questioned Daisy.

"You can't be a "....


© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 28th September 1999