Chapter Four

By Matthew Holland and Matthew Hallgarth, Butterwick Primary School, Lincolnshire


"I know!" said Plink. "We can make a fake Powermeter and then swap it for Daisy Two!"

"What can we make it from?" asked Captain Pinash.

"How about Space Carbon, that stuff that can be anything you want it to be?" They set to work on building it. They had lots of Space Carbon on board so they were quick making it. After they had made the fake Powermeter they stopped the space ship and waited for Scumball to come and make them swap the Powermeter.

"So will you swap the Powermeter?" rumbled Scumball.

"Yes but only for Daisy Two," answered Captain Pinash.

"You've got a deal."

Plink picked up his handy mobile phone. He had another cunning plan. "Oh, hello. I'm reporting a theft. Scumball from the planet Scarletina has stolen a robot of mine. It's name is Daisy Two." Plink had rung the Intergalactic Space Police. Scumball was now in deep trouble.

At that moment the space around them filled with bright red and blue flashes. "OH NO!" screamed Scumball, "it's the Space Police!"

" I'm arresting you for stealing Daisy Two, you do not have to say anything because you will be just wasting your breath," boomed a loud, deep and slightly scaring voice. The blue umbrella was surrounded by a beam of white light, almost blinding the Pinkerellians. A few seconds later, the umbrella had been sucked into the giant rubber (the space police's ship) and whisked off into another galaxy.

"Next stop Pinkerello!" demanded Captain Pinash. The space ship zoomed off into the distance, leaving a trail of justice behind them.

As they touched down on Pinkerello, something felt different to the crew. Pinkerello seemed sad and disappointed, it was like something had been lost or stolen. Leaving Daisy Two behind, Plink went and asked a traffic warden what was wrong. Then as soon as he had finished asking, the traffic warden burst out in tears. Plink decided that he wouldn't get any information out of the traffic warden so he followed the others.

"Come on, lets go and see when we can enter Daisy into the Rose Cup," ordered Captain Pinash. So they set off to see the Rose Cup and enter Daisy into the competition, but they were in for a big surprise.

The person who ran the Rose Cup was Commander Nodnol. He was a silly man, always telling jokes when he had the time. This time it was serious.

Daisy and the Pinkerellians arrived and asked Commander Nodnol about the Rose Cup.

He answered "I would like to say that it's fine to enter, but if I did I'd be telling a lie. You can enter on one condition, you find the stolen Rose Cup!"

None of the Pinkerellians (or Daisy) moved at all in the next few minutes, they were so shocked.

Nodnol broke the silence by saying, "I'm afraid it was Scumball's dastardly cousin Dirtball. If you want to enter, you have two days to find the Rose Cup!"


© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 28th September 1999