Chapter Four

By Longlevens Junior School


Six golden eyes peered down through a dark tunnel. The ground trembled as the lions bounded towards the helpless Pinkerellians and Daisy. They were so close now that Daisy and Pazaz could feel their hot meaty breath all over their face. Slobber dripped from the lions' jaws onto the bones of their last victims.

Pazaz stretched out his finger and flicked the pink button labelled Timestopper. He closed his eyes and held his breath, expecting everything to stop still. As he let out his breath, he suddenly realised the lions were still there and Daisy had started to scream in frustration as popcorn began to shower from the sky like hailstones on a winter's day.

"Give it to me!" Plink demanded.

As he snatched the box, the label tore to reveal:

Scumball's Popcorn Machine

"He must have switched it when we delivered Daisy 2 to the party," said Plink in a desperate voice.


Daisy jumped out of her skin as she saw her reflection in the gleaming teeth before her.

"Goodbye, my friends. See you in Pinkaheaven," cried Pazaz.

Just as he spoke the greatest lion of all charged through the others, knocking them sideways. As he opened his vast jaws to reveal the Pinkerellian rescue crew hidden inside, Daisy passed out.

Next thing she knew, Daisy was lying on a soft, pink velvet-lined bunkbed, in a very cramped room, surrounded by Pinkerellians, including one she had never seen before.

"Where am I? What happened?" asked Daisy in a puzzled voice.

The unknown Pinkerellian said, "You're in an emergency recovery ship and you're hooked up to an Ultra Live 2000 to bring you round."

"Are you taking me home now?" enquired Daisy. "I think I've had enough excitement to last me a lifetime!"

"We can't take you back, we haven't been to Pinkerello yet and we need you to help us win the Pinkerellian Rose Cup," exclaimed Proddle.

"Why do you need me for a competition?" asked Daisy, confused.

"To win it of course! The contest is for the best invention in the galaxy and you will win by light years," explained Pazaz.

"But I don't understand," snapped Daisy. "I'm not an invention! I'm as living as you are. I have feelings just like any other living creature, I've got a family, a job…" Daisy broke off, choking back tears.

She pulled out a bag of delicately fragranced rose coloured pear drops, popped one in her mouth and started to suck the sweet fondly, as if it were her only reminder of home. The Pinkerellians all took a step closer, staring in curiosity.

"WOW! What's that?" asked Pinash.

"It's a pear drop," said Daisy, surprised. "Haven't you seen sweets before? Would you like to try one?"

The Pinkerellians had never tasted anything so delicious. They were desperate for more.

"These are FANTASTIC!" cried Pazaz, "Where did they come from? How can we make more? These would win the contest hands down!"

"Well," said Daisy, pausing slyly. "If I give you the recipe, would you take me home?"

Before anyone could answer, the fuel warning light began to flash rapidly and the whole ship began to vibrate.

© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 28th September 1999