Chapter Three

By Cranham School


Soon the whole town disappeared, then the country, then the world.

Daisy looked out through the star-like window of a light shade of pink glass. She saw the other spaceship.

Meanwhile, Daisy Two went bonkers. She was running round the ship, smashing all the equipment in sight. She was knocking over things, her mouth was opening and shutting, her eyes were sticking out and her head was turning round and round.

Captain Scumball was also running, trying to stop her. "Security to the bridge!" he yelled.

Daisy Two kicked Captain Scumball. Everyone rushed in with their lasers. Splash! Daisy Two put on the Wakerupper and it fell on Scumball.

"BLAST!" yelled Scumball.

"Right away sir," said Scuff and BOOM, the ship flew into turbo mode.

"NO! You silly thing Scuff!"

Daisy kept running and dodging the lasers.

"I can't take any more of this," yelled Scumball. "I wish I hadn't got Daisy now. My ship's a total wreck."

Eventually, a laser hit Daisy. They saw pink wires in her head. Immediately, Captain Scumball recognised them. "Pinkerellian wires!" he said.

Captain Scumball went to look at his new invention, the DinnerMaker. He shouted to Scuff, "We will have to have our dinner late tonight."

Suddenly Daisy 2 pressed a button that shot a torpedo out at the Pinkerellian ship. It hit. All controls were down, and the spaceship plummeted.

The Pinkys' spaceship fell through space. There was much confusion. Then came a BANG. They felt a jerk, then they stopped. A long silence followed.

"Are you hurt?" Plink asked Daisy.

"No, are you?"

Daisy looked out of the window. She was disappointed because they had landed on Earth. A face looked at her through the window in wonderment.

"She has woken up," he said in Latin.

Suddenly she saw where she used to live. But the house looked different. She realised that they were in a different Time Period.

"I will try and find out what Time we are in, " said Daisy. She climbed out.

She saw people dressed in togas and also she saw in the front of the crowd a large man on a chariot and two guards on each side. People were running towards them. She ran round the back of the house, but a Roman crept up behind her. "Got you!"

Soon Daisy and the Pinkerellians were captured.

"Leave them alone," said Daisy, kicking the soldier.

"Right, your time is up!" said a Roman soldier.

They were thrown into prison.

ROAR……. They heard a terrible roar.

"Oh no!" cried Daisy. "I think they're going to feed us to the lions."

Pazaz held up a small box with a pink button. Underneath written in Pinko were the words, "TIME STOPPER".

© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 6th October 1999