Chapter Two

by Madeline Corcoran and Kaylea Mitchum (Y6) and Elizabeth Mooney (Y5)
Leckhampton C E Primary School


Clonk! Clonk!

"That's it! Daisy Two is complete," declared Chief Mechanic Proddle.

"Good work!" beamed Pinash. "But does it perform as well as Daisy One?"

"I've thought of a plan," announced Pazaz, Head of Ideas. "Let's take Daisy Two as well as the Wakerupper to the party and see if they work."

"Good evening."

Soon they were on earth in their ship, cunningly disguised as a dustbin.

Daisy was in the garden smelling pink roses. Plink, the youngest Pinkerellian, placed a translator device in his ear and went to speak to her.

Daisy heard a strange monotone voice. She was amazed to see a small, elongated, flamingo-like pink figure.

"What are you?" stammered Daisy , bravely resisting the urge to scream for help.

"I am a Pinkerellian." Plink said, fascinated by Daisy. "Would you like to visit our beautiful pink planet ?"


Meanwhile, Proddle, Pazaz and Pinash reached The Grange with Daisy Two. They pulled the bell. "Ding-a-ling!" The tall, wooden doors creaked open. There stood a burley housekeeper, Miss Pratchett, in her starched apron. Her sharp eyes spotted Daisy Two. "There you are, Daisy! Cook's been wondering where you'd got to. Oh! I see! The entertainers are here. Welcome, gentlemen. Come this way." The Pinkerellians followed with a stiffly moving Daisy Two. "I see you already have your costumes. Most unusual!" She muttered.

She stopped in amazement. "What ARE you doing, girl?" There on the floor was Daisy Two in walking mode, but lying on her back.

The Pinkerellians exchanged glances. Malfunctioning Robot!

An orchestra struck up. Daisy Two got up and stiffly marched round the room. She bumped into guests and knocked over a vase which made a splintering crash. She then plunged into a giant Victoria sponge. Squelch!

"Obviously a few miscalculations in the design, Proddle!" whispered Pinash.

"Oh no!" A giant scarlet shape flashed past the window.

"Not Scumball again!" cried Pinash in exasperation.

Pinkerellians had always been troubled by Captain Scumball and his crew, who were intergalactic pirates from the Planet Scarletina. Scumball was always trying to pinch their ideas.


At that very moment, Scumball slurped,"That Daisy shall be ours!"

His sniffling side-kick, Scuff, shuffled nearer. "W…w…what about k…kid…kidnapping her?"

"Good idea, Scuff!" said Scumball, a smile spreading over his face like a rash.

The housekeeper was screaming. The maids scuttled. Daisy Two was placing a strawberry jelly on Lord Calthorpe's head. Scumball crept closer disguised as a chocolate cake. He quietly snatched Daisy Two in the belief he had the real Daisy and slurped out sniggering with triumph.

Back in the garden, the real Daisy thought about Plink's suggestion. Her life in the big house was very hard. Who wouldn't want to escape? Hadn't she longed to see the beauty of the glowing, pink planet so far away in the night sky?

"I will come!" exclaimed Daisy.

"Splendid!" declared Plink. "You will be the first person from this planet to visit Pinkerello!"

Daisy and Plink stepped inside the oversize dustbin. Proddle, Pazaz and Pinash returned. "Scumball has Daisy Two!"

"Don't worry," said Plink reassuringly. "The real Daisy has agreed to come with us."

With a roar and a shower of pink sparks, the dustbin rose into the air. The kitchen garden rapidly disappeared. Daisy looked in amazement at the stars. "Whatever next?" she murmured.

© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 6th October 1999