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  Chiddix Chapters: 2000

From Chiddix Junior High School, Normal, Illinois, USA

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The Seven Stars

By Brooke, age 14, Chiddix Junior High School, Bloomington IL, USA

A long time ago in a far off place, about 25 light years away, was a beautiful town. It was filled with all kinds of flowers and lights. It was the perfect place. Nothing ever went wrong, nothing. Until one day a evil emporor decided to put a spell on the town to see how perfect the place was. So, the emperor said that he will take the spell off when the town collected the seven stars. The town council knew that anyone who tried to get the seven stars never came back alive. So the town figured that it would be a good idea to find out what will happen to the town if they did not get the seven stars.

The emperor said, "Everyone in the town will starve to death. Nobody will survive."

So the cousil said that they needed to find the smartest person in the town, a machanic and some strong people. So the council found Jammi Kert, one of the smartest people in the whole town. The town also found Karl Paterson, a carpenter and a mechanic. They also found the biggest body builders in town, Juan and Juanita Charz.

The group was willing to save the town and after a week of training they set off for a two day journey to the cave where the seven stars lay. The group did not seem to be afraid, but everyone knew that they were. When they finally got there, the cave seemed empty and they did not know where to start. So they started to look around. They kept looking and looking and they seemed to not find anything. Jammi started to get a little dizzy, so she sat down and when she did a big tunnel showed up.

The group was so astonished that they did not know what to do. So they decided that they should explore it. They walked in and found some stairs. The cave was dark and damp and very scary. So the crew decided to walk down the stairs. They went a long way down. When they finlly got to the bottom, they went explore the place.

After a while they found an inscription on the wall. It said: "If you are looking for the seven stars, you are in luck for they are still here. To get them you must answer seven questions. If you miss one, you will die. If you get them all right, you will get the seven stars. Good luck."

So the group went to the first puzzle. It said: If E is 5 then what is A? Not one person knew this so they thought real hard. Finally, Jammi thought of something. he said" E is the 5th letter in the alphabet and A is the first, so the answer must be one."

They placed the number in the box and the outcome was that the answer was correct. Everyone was so relieved but they knew that it was not over yet. So the group went on. The next question said that they needed to use a piece of wood, some straw and some string to make a cleaning device. So the group thought and thought and finaly. Karl came up with the idea that they should make a broom. So they took the straw and wrapped it in string and then stuck the wood in the straw in tight and they had a broom. They presented the broom to the big object and it accepted it.

So the group went to the next object, and then the next and the next. Finally they came to the last two puzzles. The first one said that someone needed to wrestle an alligator. Juan was a professional at this stuff and so he said that he would do it. So he went in the rink and he saw the alligator and he started to wrestle it. The alligator was strong, but Juan was stronger. After an hour of action, the alligator gave up and Juan won.

Then they were ready for the last puzzle. This one was really hard. It said that they had to do hand to hand combat with some of the strongest warriors that lived. The group was very worried. The only people that know haw to fight were Juan and Juanita. So the group got a little worried. When the warriors come out, the team got really scared.

So they went out there and tried their best. Juan and Juanita killed three worriors really quick. Jammi and Karl took a long time but with the help of the rest of the team, they won. So they got to the Seven Stars and they packed them in a bag and left for the town. Ever since this happened, no evil ever came to the town again.

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By Laura, age 14, Normal, IL, USA

There once was a young girl named Katie Klevins who lived in a small town somewhere in Indiana. This was one of those small towns where everyone knew everyone. She lived with er family on a farm. She had a little sister named Jenny, who Katie found very annoying. Now for Katie everything was boring and unexciting. She went to a small public middle school and she had many friends.
One hot and humid summer day Katie decided that to get away from Jenny she would take a walk to the small pond about a half a mile form her house. On her journey of cutting thought the woods to get to the pond she passed a weird looking tree. Now normally, Katie wouldn't have thought much of it except this tree really caught her attention. It was tall and wide. It looked very old and worn. near the base of the tree there was a large dark hole.
She looked at this hole for along time, trying to see if there was anything in it. All she saw was black. Then suddenly she a faint whisper. It was coming from the hole. "Hello? Is anybody in there?" she called with her heavy Indiana accent. There was no answer. Then again she heard the mumbling of the soft whisper. She thought to herself what it could be. There it was again. Except this time it sounded like a whole bunch of people whispering.
She slowly stuck her head inside the hole to see what was making that sound. When she stuck her head in, she saw no one. But she did see that the hole was fairly deep. She was so curious that she stuck her head out and put her feet in. Katie was going to go inside the hole.
She jumped in. There she was standing all alone in the midst of darkness. Suddenly a bright light was shining all around her. Katie began to shake. Then, out of the shadows a girl appeared. When they saw each other they both screamed. "Who are you?!" they both asked at the same time.
"I'm Cynthia Klevins. I'm from th-the thirty-third century. Who are you?" she asked shaking with fear.
"Wait! klevins? That's my last name, but I'm from the twentieth century. I'm Katie."

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Our Society

By Amanda, age 14, Chiddix Junior High School, Normal, Illinois, USA

Weeeeeee! The siren wailed. I was getting my things together as fast as I could. The siren meant that we should take cover because of the war. We aren't part of the war. I live in a permanently neutral country. So Ibet you're wondering why we have to take cover. My country is an island country between the United States and Guavacole (another island country). They aren't at war with my country, but those two are at war. We have to take cover in case they miss one another.

Our society is perfect. We cannot be involved in any war, we have lots and lots of money and we also are very advanced in technology. There is one problem though, we cannot have any contact with any forign countries. That's what causes war. So that's part of why we are so rich, because if we have no one to borrow or lend money to, we can never be in debt.
Our schools are also very different than those of the United States. We have school at night time. From 3:00pm to midnight. Then we go to school and everything repeats itself. We have Saturday and Sunday off. Anyway, we usually don't get much homework, because since we don't interact with other countries we don't have to learn world studies. However, I think that we should because what if something happens? Ya know what I mean? Anything can happen.

~Three Months Later~
I didn't want to come to school today but my mom made me. I didn't feel good because the news said that the war could possibly be getting worse. We didn't even know. We still don't know for sure because we can't talk w/ other countries. My parents are getting a little annoyed by this because we don't know if we are going to die from this stupid war. I could die within the........oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! e have been bombed. My mom and dad are screaming at me to get my things together and head to the bomb shelter. As i prayed to God, I told Him I wished that nobody would be hurt and we could start learning world history.

~The Next Day~
My mom and dad said we are moving. I am so excited. I will finally get to learn something interesting. I am the most advanced in my town for my age. I'm 13 by the way. We are moving because the United States Air Force shot down alien space craft and killed 3 people and injured 10. I have a question though. Where are we going to go? Our country promised we wouldn't interfere with the other countries.

~Next Week~
We are going to take out plane and fly to a nice country from the sky. I am so happy!

~Next Day~
We are in the plane flying to the new place we will live. We have our stuff with us, but we couldn't take everything like our cute little puppies Sophie and Katelyn. We have flown around the world now and we are heading home for more fuel. Then we are going to Mars.

~Next Day~
I wonder if there is any life on Mars. I could have some really cool new friends.

~A Couple of Days Later~
We just moved in. It is really weird here. There aren't any neighbors around for 359 miles. They measure everything here in the metric system. It will be hard to get used to. Well I have to unpack now. As far as I know, there aren't any Martians in our sector. They call them sectors here, not neighborhoods.

~One Week Later~
I am so scared. A Martian named Zlechy said if we didn't leave, or become Martian kind. He said we would pay. I ran outside and I told him that I wanted to become part of the Martian kind. I cannot bring any of my things with me. I will get new things in the ceremony. I have mixed feelings, but it is for the best. My Martian name is Xebech.
~The End~

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Tony's Powers

By Shawn, age 13, Normal, IL, USA

It all started a long time ago in a very strange place. There lived a boy named Anthony with these very strange powers. Anthony seemed normal but what many people didn't know was that he had the ability to make things seem something their not. It all started when Tony as he liked to be called was a young boy.

When he was born a man came to him and told him "you will be possessed with a magical power beyond you wildest dreams, the power of mind control!" Anthony didn't really believe the man, he even thought he was crazy until one day Tony was playing outside and his mother called to him "Tony come in and wash up for supper."

Tony didn't like this at all and thought to himself how great it would be if he could only spend another half hour outside. Much to his surprise his mother called again and said "Tony why don't you play for a half hour longer." Tony didn't know if it was just him or if she just changed her mind, so he decided to investigate this "power".

The next day he went to school and tried this power on everyone, and on everyone it worked. He was having so much fun with this, he wasn't getting any homework, he had all the lunch money he wanted, even the clothes he wanted he got. Until one day Tony had been using his mind control, as always, and he wished he could fly as high as the birds he had seen that day.

What Tony didn't know is that his powers were much more than mind control, he could get anything he wished for. So out of no where and eagle swooped down and picked up Tony, right from the ground. As the eagle was flying it dropped Tony and he fell ever so fast. Tony, too busy thinking of what was going to happen, didn't wish for anything to save him so he just kept falling. Till this day Tony hasn't been seen again, many people don't know about what happened to Tony on that school day. Many never knew where he went so it still lies unsolved.

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How Many Moons?

By Jill, age 14, Normal, IL, USA

On a hot summer night, the moon had shown brightly. I on the other hand was not too bright. I went outside for a bit of fresh air. When I got outside I saw that the moon looked like it was getting smaller in size.
Once I looked closely I saw that the moon was not getting smaller, but something was going over it. It appeared to be something out of the ordinary, something I had never seen before. I decided to take the next flight to the moon to see what the problem was.
I got to the moon launch and everyone was there. I figured I would never get in, but I stood my ground and soon enough was on the second flight. I was so nervous to get there because, like everyone else I wanted to know what was going on.
A few light years later we arrived. I came to discover an unusual looking spacecraft. It looked like it was trying to take over the moon because it kept trying to get in front of the moon. But with all of the computer science in out moon now days the moon kept pushing the craft away.
Most people were amazed when they saw this sight. They tried helping the moon by throwing everything at the spacecraft. Not budging, the spacecraft kept trying to get in front of the moon.
Soon a new rocket was landing. This was one with only police, firefighters, and mission control was aboard. They had everything they could carry with them. They were here to try and stop or contact the craft to see why it was here.
They soon sat everything up on the moon. Their plan was to find out why the spacecraft was on the moon. When they finally got back a message from the craft it told them all they wanted was the moon. By this time it meant it wanted to be the moon.
We set up a compromise with it. We told it that it could be another moon so nothing could be harmed. After a long while the craft agreed.
So now you know how the world got two moons. Some say we are lucky, others say we just didn't want any problems. Even though we have two moons, they are both making our earth more beautiful than ever.

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Princess, the Unicorn

By Jessica, age 14, Chiddix Junior High School, Normal, Illinois, USA

On the Rainbow Land of Utopia, a beautiful unicorn, named Princess, was grazing one day. She was white, with a rainbow colored tailand mane. Her horn was an iredescent color, and it glowed at night. One day in this beautiful valley, a stranger appeared. The stranger was smaller than Princess, but was smaller than Princess, but was stronger than she was. Princess knew what she had to do. She had to do an act of bravery before she could live alone. Princess was going to take on this stranger. What the stranger didn't know was that Princess had magical powers. No one knew who the stranger was. Only one unicorn caught a glimpse of it. One dark and gloomy day, Princess saw the stranger. It was a catdog. She challenged them to a fight. She knew she could win, so she told her friends to stay home. The fight began and the catdog struck first. After 5 minutes of fighting Princess used her powers. Her powers were to strong for the catdog. So the catdog exploded. All the unicorns from her society came and thanked her for saving them. Flower (Princess' mom) told Princess what catdog was doing to their society, and was happy Princess saved them. Princess grew up to live on her own. She became a hero several more times. She had a long and happy life.

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