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The Spooky Dollshouse

Write a Story - an idea from Jeremy Strong

Jeremy told us: "We've got a noise in our attic - we really have! - and we don't know what it is. Why not write a story telling about what YOU think it is?"

Creating a Character: from Jonathon Long

Jonathon says "Put all your friends and enemies together in one person to make an interesting character to write about."

What was their day like? What happened on the way to school?

Use a Picture: from Hiawyn Oram

Hiawyn Oram says:

"I wrote "Just Dog" from a picture of a dog which my publisher sent her, saying "We like this picture so much, can you come up with a story about a dog to go with it?"

"I sat down and the story just fell onto the page. It's based a lot on my dog Fleur, who we call lots of silly names."

Look at one of the following pictures, and write the story to go with it.

As Alan Macdonald says, always look at your story again when you've written it, and redraft - look at it to see where you can improve it. Are there alternative words you can use, for example, instead of "he said"? Is there a balance between beginning, middle and end?

You can send the story to be published on the Web here.

Please say which picture or story game you used!

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