The Big 3 Rap

Let's write an Instant Big3 Rap. We need some information to get started; enter it below.

 Enter a place, such as a town or road name.
  Enter a relative, e.g., aunty
Enter a monster, as funny and scary as you can think of.
  Enter the name of the hero or heroine of this rap!
  Enter something that grows in a forest (in the plural), e.g., bluebells
Enter something you might like that rhymes with the PLACE you entered above.
  Enter a verb that is a more interesting way to say "went", e.g., hopped
  Enter something that our hero might carry on his journey, e.g., cloak
  Enter an adjective that describes a tree, e.g., oak
Enter a verb to describe what you might do when you are surprised or excited, e.g., screamed.

or Clear the form and

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