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Poplar Street Primary School, Manchester, UK
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By Bethanie, 8, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Messy is a very naughty dragon. She is very cute but she is very cheeky, she loves to have a bath and play tricks on other dragons. She likes to make friends and be a member of a big gang. (April 2005)



By Sacha, 7, Audenshaw, Manchester. England

Wavy is mischevious and likes to sail in his boat. He has lots of friends and visted 7 countries. Wavy is very fluffy and cuddly. His favourite colour is pink and yellow. He is somtimes shy. Likes chocolate and apples best. (April 2005)



By Tarequz, 9, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Horntail is a naughty dragon. He hates people that treat him badly. He likes precious things, like emeralds and amethysts. He likes aces as well. He also likes to fly and breath fire on people who tease him. He has a horny tail. Horntail is cheeky as well. (April 2005)



By Luke, 9, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Spikey is a well behaved dragon. He is adventurous and very clever. He always gets picked on because everybody gets jealous. Spikey's dad gave him a telescope for his birtday. Spikey is sometimes scared of the light. (April 2005)



By Jordan, 9, Audenshaw , Manchester , England

Neo is a tricky, naughty boy. He likes making fun of other dragons, like Bashful. (April 2005)



By Harrison, 8, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Anthony is a great dragon he is very old and ugly he loves to work and loves to play he has blond hair he likes to fly he is very kind and helpful. (April 2005)



By Adam, 9, Audenshaw Manchester England

Bren is a very naughty dragon. He picks on other dragons. If he does not get his way all the time he will sulk. He likes to play tricks on other dragons especially Marshmellow. When other dragons call him names he gets wound up very easily. Whenever he hears music he starts to dance. He is frightened of animals bigger than himself. (April 2005)


Ace vader

By Josh, 8, Audenshaw, Manchester, England

Ace vader is a bully and is very mean and strong. He is
the leader of a gang called Ultimate dragon. Do not trust him with your valuables! (April 2005)



By Stephen, 9, Audenshaw, Manchester, UK

Flower is a kind and loving dragon. When she tries to breath fire she breaths petals. Flower would not hurt you, but she would give you one of her special flowers. Flower is loved by all the other dragons, because she is shy and friendly. (April 2005)



By Chloe, 8, Audenshaw, Manchester, UK

Scrubber is always having a bath because he loves water and he just loves to sing. He is scared of the dark so he has a nightlight. He burns precious things. He always stares at the sky. (January 2005)

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