Chapter two

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The story dragon

Chapter two

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"Let's go left," said Tizzy.

"No, we should go right," argued Nick.





"Nick," Dracospeare said calmly, "the left tunnel looks safer. Besides, if you two keep fighting, we won't even be able to go on an adventure."

"You know, Nick, Dracospeare's got a point," said Chandra.

"Yeah," agreed Silverwing, "I want to go on an adventure." "Let's go left," she looked into the left side.

"Come on!" she called over her shoulder as she started down the tunnel. Dracospeare flew ahead of her; it would be better for the oldest and wisest to lead. The little dragonets ran after them, but Nick was still debating on whether to go left or not. After a second's decision, he took off into the right tunnel.

50 dragon steps later, Chandra looked around. Nick had been awfully quiet since they had started walking. When she turned around, however, she couldn't see Nick at all. She stared into the darkness, squinting to see him. Dracospeare breathed fire again, and she expected to see him, but he definitely wasn't there.

"Dracospeare!" she cried, "Nick's missing!"

By this time, Nick was getting pretty bored. It seemed like he had been walking forever. Once he even considered turning around and going back to Dragonsville, but he discarded the thought immediately, knowing that he couldn't go back now.

Finally he saw a strange light at the end of the tunnel. He followed it, but it didn't seem to get any bigger. He started running towards it.

Then suddenly, whoooosh! He was sucked forwards.

Then he fell to the ground.

He picked himself up, and at first, he refused to believe what he saw. But there was no doubting it; he was in the Land of Secrets!

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