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By Liza, 12, Dillon, CO, USA

My name is Kelliaria, and I am the dragon of dreams. No, not bad dreams, and not really sleepy dreams either. More like Daydreams. I love to lay around all day and dream about great things. But I don't just do that. I can make them come true.
But I don't just wave a magic wand and everything goes as planned. I give advice to those who come to me. Though I never really make any of my own daydreams come true, I find my joy in seeing other's turn out right.
My cave is located in the east of Dragonsville, but I can not always be found there. I love to travel, and have gone many fascinating places. I could not name them all for you if I tried.
I do not have any people I could really call 'friend', but some of the children in Dragonsville come and visit me often. They love to hear the stories of my many adventures, and they find them most fascinating, while I find the expressions on their tiny faces quite entertaining!
Other than that, I can think of nothing else to tell you about myself, unless you know something about me that I don't! (May 2007)


By Ella, 10, Cardiff, Wales

Nemesis is a 39 year old dragon, who has selflessly risked its life for the sake of others over 500 times!!! It is said that nobody really knows Nemsis, where it's male or female. But it has been known to rescue dragon children. It has dived under bridges to catch little stuck child dragons. It has jumped into water to save drowning children. It has flew into the air to catch dragons that haven't learnt how to fly. It has ran into burning caves to rescue dragons of all ages. Nemesis always returns children safely to their parents, but if they have none he takes them to a special rainbow cave where they can eat and play till they're so tired they fall asleep. No-one can get into the Rainbow cave, it is said only Nemesis knows how. It has been said that Nemsis is building a new cave for adult dragons, it will somehow connect to Rainbow caves but no-one knows how. It is a rumour that the new cave will be called Sapphire caves, but no-one really knows. Nemesis also gives out pictures it has painted, to people who pass him by. They are always truly amzing pictures of the sea, forests, the sky, dolphins, dragons, dogs, cats, flowers, houses, people, boats, planes, trains, anything you can think of. Some people have collections of paintings by Nemesis. Nemesis is very strong as it has been saw carrying large adult dragons out of flaming houses. People who have had a close look at Nemesis say it is black, but from far away it looks green and yellow. There is proof that Nemesis does not live in Rainbow caves, but where it actually lives no-one knows. Bye-bye for now- Nemesis ~0~


By Franki, 13, Maidenhead, UK

Lexia is a proud and justified dragon who carries a law of freedom and human and dragon rights. She believes that everyone has a place in her heart and everyone is equal. She dislikes war and feuds and watches over the newborn baby humans and baby dragons at night, making sure they are safe. She is like an angel to the world, protesting against things which aren't right.


By Stef, 12, South Africa

Hello, I am Ebony the most spectacular dragon ever! I live in a small town called Listoce, were all things magical will probably be found. There are witches, wizards, fairies, pixie, elves and the magical ladybirds that the fairies use to travel with.
I live in the magic tree! I enjoy living with so many different magical creatures, it is very inspiring.My home is nice and cosy, I have a lovely magical fireplace and a fluffy rug that is as big as the room!I have alot of friends who live in the tree, There's delilaa, tammy, lana, smudge, friendly, taffy and lots more!
I like to write stories with my best friend Delilaa. We sit next to the magic river and write and write and write until our arms are so saw they feel like they are going to fall off!!! I also enjoy taking picnics into the forest, we pack fruit and sasuages and all sorts of lovely things.I like to help the town by planting flowers and gardening in the local park and in the summer the park looks so beautifull!I hope you enjoyed this, I sure did! Anyway it was lovely meeting you, bye bye for now!


By Sarah, 9 1/2, Barrie, Canada

Hi.Im Inuyasha the dragon. I like to jump and
run. I have been to japan. My home is in Canada. I have saved my friend Kagomme from lots of stuff. I get along great with other dragon and creatures. I am the newspaper writer in Dragonsville.


By Andy, 11, Texas, U.S.A

There once a dragon who lived all alone. His name was Bruce. Bruce was a very strong and kind dragon. From the day he hatched, he has been living with William Shakespeare. William was a terrific poet(a person who writes poems). Bruce always defended William from invaders. When the castle was attacked one day, the invaders left unharmed, so Bruce wanted to kill every one of them. So he flew over them, and when he wanted to crash their boat, he missed and went into the sea. They say that Bruce is still there, and if you listen closely, you are able to hear him swoop down and hit the water.


By Najdi, 8, Berebe Brunei

Kay is a very wise dragon. He once save a boy from a lion. He spread his fire to the lion. The lion ran away. From that day on he will be named Kay the great.


By Katie, 9, Gateshead

Spike is very fierce and very strong. When he blows his firehorn it makes such a loud noise that it deafens everyone around. The fire and ice that comes out kills anyone who is too close.Spikeis the king of the dragons and can beat any other dragon in the Universe.


By Amy, 8, Burnaby,British Columbia, Canada

This is Fooya. Fooya is a nice and friendly dragon. Fooya enjoys to do artworks such as painting, drawing,coloring,and making things with clay. Fooya is good at traveling. Fooya is friendly and kind to other creatures.Fooya is friendly and kind to mostly everyone.


By Jordan, 10, Kaiserslautern, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

Rosettea loves to ponder over the love of the world,she can go with out food for days if she gets snagged into an interesting love matter.Rosettea was bound by a spell to never leave Dragonsville, for if she did, a great evil would be reborn.If she could, Rosettea helped anyone in need, she was much loved.Although she got along beautifully with other dragons,Rosettea was like vinegar and water with her dastardly and shameful outcast of a brother Flame.Rosettea was famous for stopping a horrible war , a troubled dragon named Leon had unjustly blamed a innocent dragon Leia that she was the one to set fire to the harvest fields, Rosettea's amazing speech of love stopped the fude and dazzled Dragonsville, causing a new age of peace,her incredible display of confidence and true love for all beings was recorded in Dragonville's history.


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