Year 6 Term 1
Fiction: Manipulating narrative perspective
Objective 6
Resource Title
  Great Tower: Narrative
Type of Resource
  Link to Kids' Castle
Online Resource
  Kids' Castle    
  Several characters (pages, squires & knights) are described and pictured. The information can act as a starting point for a story containing several characters and/or narrators.  
URL of project


In the Classroom

Use the characters in the Great Hall as the characters in a story with two narrators.

Online activities, instructions or forms
  Submit the stories to the Kids on the Net site  
URL of online activities  
Keywords for extensions: Adaptations for different age groups and abilities, special needs
  Produce a multimedia presentation of a story.
Use narration throughout
Take a traditional tale and narrate it from different characters point of view

NLS framework objective (Year)
NLS framework objective (Term)
NLS framework objective (Number)
NLS framework objective (Name)
  To manipulate narrative perspective by; writing in the voice and style of a text; producing modern retelling; writing a story with two different narrators.  
Year group(s) UK - Starting Year group range
Ending year group range

Curriculum Links
  Literacy, English, Drama, History  
ICT Skills

Web browsing

Teacher experience level
Length of time required
  1 lesson (PC) + additional for writing   
Resources required
  Internet Ready PC  




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