Year 4 Term 2
Fiction: Developing the use of settings
Objective 10, 13
Resource Title
  The Great Hall, Kids' Castle
Type of Resource
  Link to Kids' Castle
  Kids' Castle  

A description of the purpose and function of the Great Hall within a castle.
A picture of guests at a feast being entertained by a musician is accompanied by lute music.

URL of project


In the Classroom

Use the information as a starting point for a piece of imaginative writing evoking the setting of a feast in a banqueting hall.

Online activities, instructions or forms
  The finished descriptions can be submitted by e-mail or on disc, or via a web-based form.  
Keywords for extensions: Adaptations for different age groups and abilities, special needs

Look around the Kids' Castle at the other areas.
Write imaginatively about these areas as well.

Compare a feast in the time of Kids' Castle with a celebration nowadays.


NLS framework objective (Year)
NLS framework objective (Term)
NLS framework objective (Number)
   10, 13  
NLS framework objective (Name)
  To develop the use of settings in own writing, making use of work on adjectives and figurative language to describe settings effectively.
To write own examples of descriptive, expressive language based on those read. Link to work on adjectives and similies.
Year group(s) UK - Starting Year group range
Ending year group range

Curriculum Links
  English, Literacy  
ICT Skills
  Web Browsing
Word Processing

Teacher experience level
Length of time required
  3 - 5 lessons   
Resources required
  Internet Ready PC  




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