Year 4 Term 2
Fiction: Collaborative writing III
Objective 12
Resource Title
  Hypertext Stories
Type of Resource
  Link to Kids on the Net
Online Activity
  Main Kids on the Net  
  Daisy and the Intergalactic Travelling Salesmen was a hypertext story which 28 schools contributed to.
Planet of Dreams is a hypertext story with easy-to-use template.
URL of project (Read Daisy) (Read Plaanet of Dreams) (Write Planet of Dreams)


Downloadables available
Downloadable teachers notes
  Word file: PDF file: creating a hypertext story
Word file: PDF file: diagram of hypertext tree fiction
Word file: PDF file: Planet of Dreams, Chapter One

In the Classroom

Use the hypertext template to create your own interactive story with Chapter One written by author David Clayton

Online activities, instructions or forms
  Enter the chapters into the form  
URL of online activities  
Summary - extended information in notes or worksheets
  Other themes which may appeal:

The Zoo
Lost in the Jungle
Finding a lost pet cat

Keywords for extensions: Adaptations for different age groups and abilities, special needs
  Create own class linked story / adventure with more than 2 choices at end of chapter
Create a story where all chapters lead back to the same ending
External Links
  Southwold Online's pirate project: Pirate's Booty  

NLS framework objective (Year)
NLS framework objective (Term)
NLS framework objective (Number)
NLS framework objective (Name)
  To collaborate with others to write stories in chapters, using plans with particular audiences in mind  
Year group(s) UK - Starting Year group range
Ending year group range

Curriculum Links
  English, Literacy  
ICT Skills

Word Processing
Cutting and Pasting

Teacher experience level
Length of time required
  1 - 2 weeks   
Resources required
  Internet Ready PC / Selection of choose your own adventure books  




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