Year 3 Term 3:
Objective 11 Story Openings (Fiction)

Resource Title
  Dungeons, Kids' Castle
Type of Resource
  Link to Kids on the Net
  Kids' Castle  
  Information about a character holed up in the castle dungeon.  
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In the Classroom

Children can contribute to the story of Sir Dylan's escape from the dungeon by putting their own words into gaps in the story.

Online activities, instructions or forms
  Make your own escape story (interactive online tool).  
URL of online activities  
Keywords for extensions:
Adaptations for different age groups and abilities, special needs
  Look at stories about characters who were trapped, i.e.,
KS1 - Rapunzel
KS2 - Anne Frank (see also Lucy's Tower for writing diaries)
External Links
  Anne Frank site  

NLS framework objective (Year)
NLS framework objective (Term)
NLS framework objective (Number)
NLS framework objective (Name)
  To write openings to stories or chapters linked to or arising from reading, to focus on language to create effects, e.g., building tension, suspense, creating moods, setting scenes  
Year group(s) UK - Starting Year group range
Ending year group range

Curriculum Links
  English, Literacy, History  
ICT Skills

Word Browsing

Teacher experience level
Length of time required
  1 - 2 lessons  
Resources required
  Internet Ready PC  


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