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The Planet of Dreams

Chapter One

written by David Clayton

The golden ship flew low over the glass dome. It hung like a gold star against the blackness of space. Below, the planet Karoo lay shiny, silver and blue. The children gazed down at their beautiful new home.

‘Wow! Just look at that!’ said Ahmed, pressing his nose against the window.

‘I wonder why they call it the Planet of Dreams?’ Emily said.

‘Well, it looks like a dream,’ said Dino.

Space Captain Chan just smiled. ‘You will see’ was all that he would say.

There wasn’t much luggage to unload. Some of them had asked about that.

‘Why couldn’t we bring more books?’ Emily wasn’t pleased.

Captain Chan smiled again. ‘You will see.’

Soon the ten of them had left the ship behind and entered the dome. Beyond the windows, the silver plain stretched out to blue hills far away. Inside, the children rubbed their eyes in surprise.

‘Hey,’ said one, ‘that looks my old house over there.’

‘And there’s the park by the river,’ said another.

‘How can that be?’ said Dino. ‘We’ve left all that behind.’

There was a bark behind him. A hairy black and white dog was trotting over to him.

‘Shah? SHAH? How can you be here?’

‘Anything is possible on the Planet of Dreams,’ said a voice behind him. He turned to see a dark-haired boy with an angry face.

'Oh, no! NOT YOU!' said Dino. 'Get lost!' And as soon as he said it the boy disappeared.

His hand felt wet and he turned to see that his dog was still there.

‘Welcome to Karoo,’ said Captain Chan. ‘Your dreams have just begun.’

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