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A spell is a special set of words that makes something happen
(in a story, not in real life)

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Examples from books

Kids' Spells

Three chunks of cheese
and a very loud sneeze.
Man in the moon
we’ll see you soon.

(a spell to launch Meg the witch and her cat Mog to the moon)

from "Meg on the Moon"
by Helen Nicholl and Jan Pienkowsi

Eye of toad,
Ear of bat,
Leg of frog,
Tail of cat.
Drop them in,
Stir it up,
Pour it in a silver cup.

from "The Worst Witch Strikes Again"
by Jill Murphy
Allison and Busby 1980

Wingardium Leviosa
(makes something fly)

Petrificus Totalus
(the full Body-Bind)

from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone"
by J. K. Rowling
Bloomsbury, 1997

Flurr ecke ecke ecke ecke ben yan bjorn
Trucklecrag’s spell: turns everything into a toaster!

from "Jim Jam YaHa, The Secret World of the Rottentrolls"
by Gordon Firth and Tim Firth, Madcap 1998
(The Children’s Company TV series The Rottentrolls)

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake:
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,

Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

from "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare

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The best of the spells from previous years:

Hair bows and
goblins toes
make him grow a larger nose

By Phoenix

A time travel spell

Arabarius locaradette,
in past times we have met
Arabarius locaradee,
through sands of time travel with me

By Thomas, aged 12


Spooky Stories and Poems

Editor's award winner: a spooky love story:
Things we can't control

The "No Homework" Spell For

By Lee, 11, Australia

Black board and chalk
Pencil and Pen
Go well together
Like an egg and hen

But children and homework
They don't mix at all
We'd rather ride bikes,
Skate, or kick a football

Our classes are ending
And now you will say
"Because it's halloween
No homework today!"

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Levitating spell

By Adriana, 13,

for levitation:

wait till the midnight hour
fill a caldron with boiling oil and 12 bats and say:
bring me off the ground! force of air empower me!
with this spell, i call the winds of the north and south
oh spirit of ground release me.
then add 30 toads and a dead mans thumbnail
then say:
i am no longer slave to gravity
air, surround me
water, always flow,
fire, burn within me,
air, empower me!
then, add 3 hairs from a witchs nose
and say:
let me off the ground,
for i shall arise!
and the force of air will lift me!

variation: for a spell to make your broom fly, add 6
dead fingernails.

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The ultimate curse!

By Maline, 10

1 hot tomale
2 ostrich necks (no heads)
3 cat whiskers
4 cups of boiled mold
5 dead toads

bring to a boil

witch's broom

How to fly a broom

By Rei, 10, USA

Get a magical broom and shout "aceae yackie up" or any direction -- not guaranteed to work!!!!

witch's broom

By Renessa, 8, Tow Nan School
Sprinkle, sprinkle, (name)tinkle. through the one you
throughly love. your eyes will twinkle....!!!!!!


My spell

By Katherine, 12, Portsmouth, UK

2 lizards tongues
1 bats wing
3 little birds gently sing
9 hopping toads
5 screaching crows
mix all together and what will u get? Don't forget
you're special hair net.

spooky pumpkin


By Brittany, 12, UK

life is fun,
Like a doll,
mess with me
and you'll be a troll.

How to make yourself feel powerful

By Mary, age 9, Lake County, IL,USA

Stare up at silvery moonlight.
Stand on a tree with your intails carved on to it, and feel the moonlight chill your soul.
Bathe yourself in a silver washtub under the moon.
Say your name seven times to the stars.
Sleep in a fairy ring.
When you wake at the crack of dawn, you will truly be happy and powerful.


By Kaysee, 12, Launceston, UK

A witches tongue
A dead mans eye
A drop of dung
And bake into a pie

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How to turn your brother into a monkey! (this really works)

By Spencer, age 13, New York

First you need a brother,
put hot monkey shavings, a bar of soap,
a bowl of lice, a dirty sock,
a cup of sweat, and a piece of your brother's hair,
then if he drinks it he will transform into a monkey(please try this it really really works)

witch's broom

How to turn your sister into a sock!

By Bob, age 12, New York

when they are asleep you say the magical words out loud!
Now you cant hurt me
or hit me with a rock,
So PoP, PoP you are a sock!

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Disappear on a shining night

By Rebbecca, age 10, Mansfield Park Primary School

One dark shiny night look at your blanket look at your window disappear child disappear sun disappear and say marryanne 10 times



Halloween Spells

By Amanda, age 12, Kansas, USA

This is an actual spell, and I am an actual witch.

Protection Spell Materials:
White or blue candle,
Rose quartz,
and incense.

Place the herbs and stones around the candle. Place the incense (if you have it) to the right of the candle. Light the candle and the incense. Say, "I stand in circle of light, to rid myelf of fright, protect me through the night. Show me the way and protect me everyday. " This is a good spell to do while out trick-or-treating to protect yourelf.

witch's broom

Bed Travelling Spell

By Mallory, age 7, East Elementary School, Iron Mtn. MI, USA

Take off a knob from a bed. Tell it where you want to go. Tap it three times. And turn it a quarter turn to the left. And it will take you where you want to go.

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My Attic is Haunted

By Kristen, age 11, Keystone Oaks Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Mattie. I'm nine years old and have no brothers or sisters, but I do have a cousin. His name is Jamie and he is five years old. He and his Mom and Dad (my Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim), live down the street from me. They visit often, so Jamie is kind of like my little brother. I can go show you a picture of him - wait, no, I take that back - I can't, you see, my photo albumn is in the attic. My attic is a frequent place that my family goes. It's like a play room to me or well. . . it used to be. You see, It's not that I can't go up there, it's that I'm scared to. I have a good reason to be too! It's not that I'm scared because of a movie, although it is kind of like a movie, but a real movie. If you want to hear the story, read on, but if you don't, I'd close this book up right now.

It all started about a week ago. Jamie was coming to sleep over. When he finally got here we decided to go skateboarding. Jamie didn't bring his board so we went up to my attic to get my old one. As we went up the steps we listened to the wierdest noises I had ever heard. It was like a scratching noise. When we got to the top of the steps the light bulb went out. Jamie and I were really scared. My attic is pretty spooky, especially with the light off! Little did we know that it wasn't to going to be the last of our creepy adventures.

Chapter 2

My Uncle didn't help much when we asked him what the noises could be and why the light went out. That was a mistake. All he did was scare us even more! He told us that the previous owner of this house spent most of his time up in this attic. One day he died up there. To this day his ghost haunts the attic. Jamie was so scared! He looked as if he was going to cry. I knew what we had to do but I didn't know how to tell Jamie. Later that night while Jamie and I were getting ready for bed I told him what we had to do. Normally, Jamie is pretty brave but this was an exception.

I finally got him to agree. In the morning Jamie and I made plans to meet at my house at one o'clock. Until then, I would get ready for some ghost tracking.

Chapter 3

When one o'clock came around and Jamie came over, I assured him that we were ready. We went upstairs but hesitated before opening the attic door. It made a creaky noise as it opened. The light was still burnt out so it was hard to see. I tried to keep thinking of all the times that I played up there. "Mattie", Jamie asked, "do you really think the ghost that my Dad was talking about is real?" "I don't know Jamie, I don't know", I said. Shreeeeeeeek! "What was that?" Jamie sqeaked. "I don't know", I said. "Let's just keep going and keep quiet". OOOOOOOOOOOh! "Mattie, I'm scared" Jamie cried. "It's OK Jamie, don't worry", I said reassuringly.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" screamed a booming voice. "Run, Jamie, run", I yelled.

A shadowy figure chased us all through the attic. When we reached the door, Jamie burst into tears. We turned the door knob and slammed the door behind us. Once we caught our breath, we realized that my Uncle Jim was right about the ghost.

Chapter 4

The next day when I called Jamie, I asked him if he wanted to go back to the attic. Surprisingly, he said yes. I invited him over to help my form a plan. He came over in a flash.

We thought all day and finally had an idea that would definaltely work. We rode our bikes to Aunt Connies to get a net, to Mrs. Smith's to get a giant spring, and to the junk yard to get a refrigerater box.

When we got back to my house, we set up the trap. Other than the box, the spring, and the net, my mother had everything else we needed. Then, with Jamie and I being as quiet as possible, we took the trap up to the attic.

We hid behind some boxes. That's when it started to work. "Jamie", I whispered, "make some noise". Just then Jamie got up in front of the trap and started yelling, "come out ghost, come get me! " Almost as if by magic, from out of the shadows came the same figure that chased us yesterday. It started coming towards Jamie like it was an owl and Jamie was a mouse. Just when the ghost was a few inches away from him, Jamie jumped out of the way. The ghost tripped over the string that I had tied from wall to wall. It flew in front of the box and was scooped into it by the net. Jamie and I thought we had him trapped so we walked over to the box.

A hand came out of the bottom of the box! We ran for the door and slammed it shut. That was when I realized that Jamie wasn't with me.

Chapter 5

When I finally came to my senses, I ran downstairs and told my Mom that Jamie was sleeping over. I had to get Jamie out of that attic! I needed to make a plan that would free Jamie but not put me in the line of fire. Then it hit me! I didn't have to trick the ghost. All I had to do was free Jamie without the ghost knowing! It took all the courage I had but I was going to have to free Jamie.

I walked up the creaky old steps to the attic. I looked around for Jamie but he was nowhere in sight. I walked around as if I were in a library. I looked everywhere. I just couldn't find him.

Just then, I remembered the extra storage room in the roof. That had to be where Jamie was! I climbed up the ladder that rested on the wall. I opened the door that led to the extra storage room. I climbed up into it and immediately saw Jamie. He was sitting in a chair all tied up with ropes. He had a handkerchief around his mouth and tears running down his cheeks. I had to get him out of there! I tiptoed over to him and untied the ropes, then tiptoed down the ladder to the steps. Just before I grabbed the doorknob, a shadow fell before us. Jamie and I spun around like tops. Our jaws dropped in unison as we looked at what stood before us.

Chapter 6

A tall figure with snakelike hair and green eyes stared at us. He was like fog, almost completely see-through. As fast as lightning, he reached out to grab me! I backed up before he could get me. Then we slipped out the door! This time Jamie was with me. This attic ghost was getting out of control!

About an hour later I was ready to go back to the attic, but unfortunately Jamie was not going. I didn't want to force him to go because I knew how scared he was. I said I would go alone.

I was very scared but I had to do it. I walked up to the attic all by myself. When I reached the top, I heard a scratching noise again but I still went on. I figured Jamie was worried so I thought about going back but I didn't. By this time I was so scared I couldn't keep my teeth quiet! The ghost had to be somewhere! I turned the corner and it jumped out from the boxes. I almost swallowed my teeth! I was chased all around the attic. When I got to the door, I slammed it behind me and ran to Jamie. I decided I wasn't going up to that attic ever again.

Jamie and I were confused. I mean, how could a ghost live in an attic for so long and never make any trouble until now? Oh well.

Chapter 7

There are alot of unanswered questions about the ghost. How does he live? What is his name? Why does he haunt this attic? All I know is that anything up there right now is staying up there for a long time. I am never going up in that attic again, unless we get the ghostbusters to exterminate it! I don't know if Jamie will ever go up there again either but I doubt it. I mean, he was actually captured by that ghost!

I invited Jamie over to play today. He said that his Dad said that ghosts don't really exist, but I know for sure that they do because I have one in my attic, and it is scarier than all the ghosts in the world.

"Hey Mattie! " Jamie said. "What?" I replied. "I was thinking", he said, "maybe, just maybe, my attic is haunted too! "

The End

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To get rid of your dad

By Tara Pucino, age 12, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

First you get your dad and take his shirt off and pore milk and sugar and water and put it on him on it and he will turn into dust. I guarantee it that this will work.



By Brittany, 11, NY, USA

Trust me on this,
Take a fat fish,
Take a eye,
Ohhhhhh my,
Find a sock,
And a rock,
Get a bat,
With a rat,
Now mix it together,
And say these words:
cike sit mtiyd wasaq,
and it will come true!!! (it really works)!

Magical spell (how to fly)

By Capri, 10, U.S.A.

A high building,
A cape,
Say the magic words,
(I've tried this before with a adult.)

witch's broom

Leave me alone

By Kathy, 11, Tigard, Oregon

This is for the kids that have annoying brothers,sisters,or friends. U will need a piece of hair from them, something that they have and really love, alcohol (not the kind that u drink), a picture of them, and a piece of their clothes.
Put all these things in a pot with boiling water.
After it boils, stir for at least 5min or more.
Then turn it off and leave it there just till it isnt that hot anymore.
Then at night when they are at sleep put some on their forehead and say the make words.

Happy day, happy night, happy me when u stop buggin.

Repeat 2 times.

You will love me, you will charish me, you will everything I want.

Then they do what u want. Thank u thank u very much . Later yall

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Spell to turn grand-father into a goblin

By Miles, 8, Albany

Take one cauldron, put in some pencil shavings. rotten socks, and an old Halloween mask. Add your grandfather. Stir for as long time. Let cool.
Take out grand-father: he'll have turned into a goblin

witch's broom

Halloween Night

By Courtney, 10, USA

Take a broom and swing it round,
then you'll hear a scary sound.
Take a pot and put it near,
now take a rabbit's ear
Take the pot and fill it up,
then drink it *SLURP* up!!

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Spooky Stories and Poems

Halloween night

By Felecia, 13, Vancouver, BC, Canada

all things evil all around
banish from thy city or town
do not enter on hallow's night
do not give the kids a fright
watch your back this night of all
its halloween night and we are the powerful ones of all

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Marwell Manor

By Lauren, age 12, Southport, Merseyside, UK

The ancient house all old and dark.
Was made with brick and rotting bark.
In 1750 when it was built,
the family was happy and had no guilt.

But in the year of 89.
There was a murder an awful crime,
the terrified servants all departed.
As a few months later the hauntings started.

Edith and Marge ran away,
because of cause they could not stay.
Later that month the cat disappeared,
the murderer hasn't been found in the past few years.

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Midnight Hand

By Amanda & Kayleigh, age 14 & 11, Nottingham, UK

Black clouds swept across the moon as the bell at Styles Grange School began to toll. It was midnight, and there was mischief in the air. Hight up in the belltower, that first deafening clang had sent the roosting pigeons flapping nervously this way and that in the dusty chamber. Time and again they collided with one another, before spilling out through the arched windows openings in to the dark night.

Now as the bell continued to ring the birds were flying around and around the tower, waiting for the din to subside. It wasn't only the pigeons who's rest had been so rudely disrupted by the insistent chiming. In a dark and narrow recess, something else had felt the echoing vibrations of the bell.

It was the skeleton of a hand as small as a child's hand. As the bell struck seven the hand had twitched and flexed at nine, it began to writhe and squirm breaking the cobwebs which clung so tightly to the bony fingers. At eleven it fell back in to the crevice. By the time the final chime had faded away to nothing, the dust had settled and the hand was motionless once more.


The Mystery of Buckingham Wood

By Michael, age 10, Bothwell Primary School, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland

It was a stormy day and Bob decided to take a short cut home from school. It would mean going through the 'haunted' wood but Bob didn't believe in these sort of things.
Just as he was going through the thickest part of the wood, he thought he could hear a strange sort of cackle. Timidly, he turned to see who had sniggered, but there was no-one there. No-one, except the trees. Suddenly, all the stories he'd heard about this 'haunted wood' crowded into his mind. Terrified, he tried to make a run for it but the trees had barred the only way out. One huge Oak stood in front of him and said. . . yes, it really said,
"Why are you in the forest of the Silver Nymphs, Human?"
"P-p-please, Mr. Tree, I c-came h-here because I was taking a short cut from school, " stammered Bob.
He felt more scared than he had ever done in his life. Still, he forced himself to regain courage and said in a very small voice, "Can you really turn folk into stone?"
" Never fear, Boy. . . . I won't do anything to you. . . . yet, " sniggered the Oak wickedly.
Suddenly, Bob felt a frightful jerk. Desperately, he tried to pull away, but his struggles were in vain. No matter how hard he tried, the tree's grip was by far the stronger, and he felt himself being pulled inwards! His arms felt strange, as if they were made of wood. . . but this can't be. . . or can it? He looked down and nearly passed out with the shock. . . he was eight feet high! Slowly, Bob began to realise the truth. . . he was turning into a tree. Fear was coursing through him, but he was finding it difficult to think. Was there anything he could do to stop this? His legs were joined together now and his arms were sprouting leaves! Now, he could not think. . he was made of wood.
The next day, crowds of people were searching for Bob.
"Confound the boy!" exclaimed a particularly weedy man, as he peered between the branches of a tall Oak tree, which rustled in a peculiar, voice-like way. "What the devil did he want to slink away like this for?"
"Look!" said a man nearby who was actually Bob's Dad, "That's Bob's satchel!"
"Well, we'll look again tomorrow" said the weedy man, whose name was Gilbert. "The boy has undoubtedly been foolish, and I hope that when you do find him, you'll give him such a talking-to that he'll never come near this place again!"
Everyone turned to go back to their homes. Bob's father came last, loathe to give up the search for his son. But Gilbert was right, they couldn't do any more, it was getting very dark. So, with a heavy heart, he picked up the satchel and trudged towards home.
It was a few weeks later. The search had ended and Bob had almost been forgotten, but not by Ben who had been his best friend. It was a sunny afternoon and Ben decided to have one last search. The wood looked dense and scary, but determination drove him onwards. He felt apprehensive, but the thought that Bob was maybe injured and needing help, gave him courage. The wind rustled through the trees and the branches creaked, but there was no sign of his friend.
Suddenly, he heard a faint whisper that sounded like someone calling his name. . . his hair stood on end. Slowly, he turned, the trees looked different-had they really moved?
"Trees can not move!" he told himself firmly, but the wood still looked strange. Now there was no doubt about it - the trees were literally moving!
Ben was utterly petrified, but with one thought firmly glued in his numb brain: he had to escape. . now! He forced his shaking legs to move and made a bolt for it.
Crashing through the undergrowth. . . . he made it!
He was terribly out of breath, but felt more relieved than he'd ever felt in his life!
The seasons changed and Winter gripped Buckingham Wood. The large Oak tree had reached the end of its life. Its branches fell and squirrels hibernated in its trunk. The sapling which stood beside it began to change. . it shrank, its trunk split into legs and arms and hair sprouted where the leaves had been. Within a short time, Bob emerged with a whoop of joy! And where that evil old Oak had once stood? Only a patch of withered grass, which looked like it had been there for generations.

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By Ryan, 7, Pelsall, UK

One day a girl called Michelle was walking home from school when she spotted a cave she went in and saw a slime monster she screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.S he ran as fast as she could until she could run no more. Then in front of her face appeared a...VAMPIRE she screamed until she could scream no more aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.Then appeared a ghost...

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Shannon , 10, Massachusetts, USA

Halloween night
what a fright,
the witches r here to give You a scare.
The goblins are out to have FUN.
Halloween night
what a fright,
the ghosts are here to give you a scare.
Halloween night
tucked up tight.

The end

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Glaring Eyes in the Bushes

By Krista, 11, Miami, FL, USA

One gloomy Halloween night, three kids by the names of
Joe, Nita, and Matt set out to prove they were brave. Their task was to go into the haunted woods of Lantash Bay. As they approched the woods, streams of fog whisped through the leaves and moss covered tree branches.

Joe, the so called bravest of the three, stepped onto the path first. With a fast movement of his hand, the other two walked with caution behind him. The path was twisted and covered with sharp stones, and steep drops that seemed as if they'd came from nowhere.

Bent trees and sticky swamps loomed in front of the kids' way, making it hard to walk without stopping continuously.

Finally, Joe came to a stop, a row of tombstones lay in front of them. Shadows filled the skies and eerie sounds came from beyond the bushes ahead of them.

"Did you hear that?" Nita said, her voice trembling with fear.

Matt stared at the bushes then said softly, "What..what was that sound?" Joe sits on a blackish rock for a minute then says sharply," Everyone, quiet!" The group sits quietly, the horrible sound coming closer.

"I can't stand it anymore!" Matt yells, but with the end of his sentence a large figure leaps out from the darkness and attacks him, ripping him limb from limb. Nita and Joe stare at each other, then as if they were sharing minds they race off the path and climb a nearby tree. They can already hear the growling sounds, and pounding of the animals feet coming tward them. Joe lifts Nita up onto a branch, then starts up himself.

" Joe, watch out!" Nita screams as the creature's red glaring eyes come into veiw. Joe tries to scramble up the tree but is grabbed by a claw and takin into the depths of the creatures bloody jaws. Nita sits on the limb, goosebumps cover her body as she listens helplessly to the pitiful cries of Joe. Then she hears the creature, bloodthirsty and ready to strike again. She tries to climb higher, but the creature climbs as well, tearing
the bark off the tree. Suddenly, another creature appears in front of Nita, and the creature's cries of triumphit sound through the woods.

One year after that horrible incident, the once crystal bay waters of Lantash turn to a bubblish red, and Lantash bay is renamed to Werewolf bay. One gloomy Halloween nights to this day, you can still hear the cries, and see the ghosts of the three kids who dared to go into the woods of Lantash bay, West Virginia


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