Sarah and Emerald

Emerald: Do you mind if I introduce myself to you?

Sarah: What's with the politeness?

Emerald: I'm sorry. I didn't envisage you taking it as an insult.

Sarah: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Emerald: Which is why I don't employ it.

Sarah: Oh

Emerald: Is there anything I can say to convince you I'm not out to get you?

Sarah: probably not.

Emerald: Do I detect a sense of humour.

Sarah: I doubt it:

Emerald: So you are genuinely insecure?

Sarah: No

Emerald: Do you just not like me?

Sarah: I don't know you

Emerald: So will you allow me to introduce myself?

Sarah: Go on then.

Emerald: Actually, after all that I think the introduction of myself will be complete anticlimax. Why don't you tell me about yourself? I'm sure it would be much more interesting.

Sarah: Are you sure you're not being sarcastic?

Emerald: I want to get to know you. There's no point in prickles unless there's something special you feel you need to protect.

Sarah: From the likes of you?

Emerald: I hope not.

Sarah: How do I know your intentions are entirely honorable?

Emerald: You're a smart girl.

Sarah: You don't know me.

Emerald: That's one point. You have before you a screen. On that screen you can paint a picture of whatever personality you like. You can do better than prickles. You can create something that will endear, intrigue or terrify. You can draw people. Insecurities will be hidden behind the screen.

Sarah: I thought you wanted to know the real me? Anyway, supposing I haven't got any insecurities.

Emerald: For a start, there is no such thing as one real you. There is so much inside each one of us, only one small aspect of ourselves can ever be presented at anyone time. Whether or not you've got insecurities or not is of no relevance to me. I just want to know if the cactus will open one of its flowers to me.

Sarah: That's cheesy.

Emerald: your right. I think it's time I got changed into a different personality. How about you.

Sarah: I'd love to.

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