Stephen/Overlord's Finale

Got him, emailing now

Name .. Unknown
Age .. Unknown
Address.. Flat 25a, Broadway House, Hackney

K: Wait, itís breaking up, heís deleting the files. We must act now. Move. Move.

A few minutes later five figures arrived outside a building. A cool breeze filled the air. The five dashed towards the door, each filled with their own personal desires to bring down Emerald, to extinguish his green flame. Conversation was limited, although there was no hint of silence. Helen was first; her innocence was perhaps her downfall -- thinking she could waltz in and out like the wind. It was not to be. The two weakest fell first, K was next, his knowledge was not enough. He fought well and hard but he didnít have the physical strength. Then Overlord stepped in. Saliva dripping from his crazed face, brandishing a sawn-off shotgun. He entered the room without a backward glance to the now solitary Oscar. Two shots were fired -- then silence. From out of nowhere laughter rang off the walls, a green glow shimmered round the door.

Oscar charged in and glanced around. What he saw were the four bodies of his comrades, each murdered in their individual way. Emerald knew exactly how to do it for he had studied them for years, finding their weaknesses. He was a very clever man who was just bored. He knew he was no match for Oscar. He wanted it to end this way and thus it was. Oscar dealt the death-dealing blow with his cold fist. It was done.

Stephen sat at his piano and began to play. The eerie tones of Rachmaninoff filled the air.

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