Mia's Finale

K Got him!

The flashing light vanishes from my computer screen - I am now able to type again, but before my hands touch the keys, a message flashes on the screen.

25A Broadway House, Hackney, London

It's next door to my flat! He's been here all the time, laughing at me. How dare he. HOW DARE HE! My body aches. I am stained with my own sweet blood, it is warm and comforting. I stagger out of the bathroom and into my living room. My knees give way and I fall, yet I feel no pain. I look up at the screen for a moment and notice the absurd photograph of a wizened old man. My eyelids close but the voice in my head keeps laughing as I crawl out of the door and into the next apartment - the door is wide open.

Mr Baxenby, the accountant, sits by a laptop laughing at me in my semi-naked bloodstained entirety. "You", I point at him and as I fall to the floor, my strength having gone, I begin to L.O.L. (laugh out loud).

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