K's Finale

Got him!

What??! That was only a few streets away. My head throbbed with the realisation, how could this be? Five minutes walk away! I could have passed him countless times in the street without a thought or a care, or knowledge of his name or his face. How dare he? How dare he be unknown to me?

I swept my computer keyboard off the desk. I pushed open the door and dashed down the stairs. I hurried through the front door and left it open. The cold night air rushed in. I started to run, barefoot through the wet streets. The tower block was in view now, huge and loming, as I had seen it a thousand times, but never had it seemed so sinister as tonight. I ran on towards the huge grey monolith. I made ready my fists for their assault on plate glass, but the door was open.

I arrived at the door. Moonlight shone in through the window -- the door was ajar. A group of people stood at the rear of the tiny room.

I remember the music, sweet beautiful music. The man's hands were thin and bony, his fingers long, his head swinging gently as he played. I remember the blood, bright, everywhere -- on his hands, on the piano keys...

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