Helen's Finale

K: Got Him

They stared at the blank screens as they flickered, before a small piece of writing appeared on the screen.

25A Broadway House, Hackney, London

Four steps were taken by each individual and five door handles were slowly turned. Their paces quickened as they strode towards the lift. It opened on the ground floor and a pleasant wishy-washy woman in blue denim floated in. The lift jarred to a halt and her pulse quickened as a portly middle aged man stepped in. His small beady eyes stuck out like beacons in his pale grey face. They looked at each other and nodded, as if to ask 'Who are you and what are you doing?" The lift stopped and this time two people stepped in. The four were standing close together now and a strange sense of deja-vu washed over them as the lift ground to a halt for the last interruption of the journey. The door of the lift slid open to reveal 25A.

K mechanically knocked on the door as the others stood waiting. Helen had butterflies in her stomach. Oscar brushed himself down, as if entering a business meeting. Overlord whistled an eerie funeral march and Sarah bit her nails anxiously. The small red door opened and light shone into the dark corridor.

"Hey guys. I had a feeling it might be you...." A small-wizened old man backed away from the five psychos staring at him. Overlord strode towards him, glancing at the four only very briefly. Then he pushed the old man, who was Emerald, off the top of his balcony. The five disciples stared at the vague figure falling into the vacuum of eternal death.

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