Helen and Emerald

Emerald: Helen, I know you're out there somewhere, I can feel you're out there. You know you want to speak to me.

Helen: Emerald, I've been thinking.

Emerald: Emerald?

Helen: Ok Richard, I've been thinking.

Emerald: What have you been thinking?

Helen: I think you know

Emerald: Pretend I don't.

Helen: Do you ever think of our son?

Emerald: Our son?

Helen: Don't act the fool. You know about Justin. I wrote to you and told you. I told you how my sister looked after him. Remember, I told you everything.

Emerald: It's good to remember isn't it Helen.

Helen: Do you remember what I look like?

Emerald: Of course I do, you're too beautiful to describe with words. You taught the stars to shine.

Helen: I don't know whether I can believe you anymore. I used to; you had such a way with words. The poems you used to write to me! They made the world seem peaceful. I was lucky to live in it.

Emerald: You remember the poems.

Helen: Of course I do, I'll never forget them.

Emerald: You always had your favourites.

Helen: Yes, after reading them they made me feel 5 stone lighter. They were so beautiful.

Emerald: It will be our hour again before long.

Helen: What do you mean

Emerald: Think about it.

Helen: Tell me what you mean Richard. Please!

Emerald: I'll leave you. You need to think. Emerald logging off.

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