Mia and Emerald

I enter the chatroom #copacobana.

E: Welcome, I'm Emerald. So you're the NKOTB then?

M: Have you got a problem with it?

E: Steady on!

M: I know you know.

E: U know that I know what?

M: About me, my condition

E: Hey babe, as far as I know, you're just an ordinary girl. Is something wrong?

M: Why ordinary? As far as U know I'm Lola, the showgirl with yellow feathers in her hair.

E: And a dress cut down to there! Nice!!

M: (LOL)

E: So, what's going on?

M: I'm working the rain game - doing nothing

E: How come?

M: Difficult to explain

E: Let me guess, Lola, a model between jobs?


E: ?

M: Laughing even louder out loud


M: Thanks, I need it..

E: Cancer can be difficult to deal with

M: But you ... you've spoken to my mother?

E: No, I can feel your pain

M: Look, who are you?

E: I came online to talk to you

M: ?

E: I'm the co-ordinator of a drugs project designed to cure leukaemia and some other forms of cancer

M: You're joking!

E: No, I'm deathly serious

M: How do I get it? Can you help me? Please...

E: Of course I can

M: Why me?

E: We're looking for a cross-section of the population

M: When can you help me?

E: When, my dear? I said I *could* but I won't.

M: What?

E: I won't help you?

M: Why not?

E: I don't want to.

M: But ... I'm ill, I mean, I'm *dying*!

E: You realise that there's no hope?

M: No, don't say that!

E: I mean it. I know how you feel, I've seen it many times. You're in so much pain, aren't you?

M: Yes

E: Haven't you thought about death? I know you're scared...

M: Well...

E: It's the easiest option, you know you should, it's so romantic - and just think of the end to your suffering - you know I know best. I'm your friend, would I say it if it wasn't the best?

M: But ... well, I am tired.

E: Go now, do it. Go on, do it, I'm telling you to kill yourself.

A message flashes on the screen

To: Public Notice Board

From: Oscar

If anybody -- anybody at all -- has any information on, or has had any contact with, a certain Emerald, could you please meet me in #oscarwilde at 2300 GMT Friday 24 October.

This is of the UTMOST URGENCY.


I click on "Connect"

I type: Go to #oscarwilde

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