Over the Rainbow

When trust is broken six strangers will find themselves thrust away from the reality they thought they understood. A desire to avenge themselves against a man who hid behind the anonymity a computer screen leads them to events that will explode into violence...

The Players:

  • K - A man for whom every detail must be perfect whatever the consequences.

  • Oscar - A gentle, ponderous wit and poet. However, hen his limit is reached he will strike out with great ferocity.

  • Mia - Dying of cancer, she is drawn by the lure of a possible cure, only to be trapped by her own desperation.

  • Overlord - Drawn in with the promise of adventure, events will change his identity forever..

  • Helen - Thinks she has found a ghost from her past.

  • Sarah - Is searching for a sense of identity, a chance to recreate herself.

The story is navigated by using the hyperlinks within the text or by choosing Background (this page), Event, or Finale from the base of each page. The last word on every page is a link to the most logical next page.

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