The Cupboard
By Tiffany, 10

"Hey you lot, look what I found" bellowed Declan. It was a green see-through bottle which was covered in slime as gruesome as a slug crawling across someone’s lips.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Tiffany were sitting in a dark, dismal and dirty cave.

Suddenly they shouted,"We've found an animal lying in a puddle of blood."

Emma explained "I have an idea. What we can do is write with its blood on a leaf and put it in the bottle to float (S.O.S)."

We all called out "We shall do that."

Then we built plan B, a raft for us all, after we found some wood.

When we finished the raft Tiffany and Sophie went out to shore. Emma stayed and Declan went on his surf board, until he saw a boat passing. The boat saw him and he shouted so the boat came to pick him up.

Earlier on Tiffany, Sophie and Declan were at home. Whilst Emma was on the island she saw a boat passing but she didn't want to go home, she wanted to stay.

The End

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