A Wonderful Island
By Sophie, 10

"Hey you lot, look what I've found!" bellowed Declan. It was a green see-through bottle covered in slime, as gruesome as a slug crawling across someone’s lips.

Meanwhile Sophie and Tiffany were sitting in a dark, dismal and dirty cave.

Suddenly, they shouted "We've found an animal lying in a puddle of blood."

Emma explained "I have an idea.What we can do is write with its blood on a leaf and put it in the bottle to float (S.O.S)."

We all called out "We all shall do that."

Then we built plan B, a raft for us all, after we had found some wood.

When we had finished the raft we all sat down and had a drink of water from the lake in the middle of the island. Emma stayed on the island and waited for a boat. Declan remembered about the surf board he had made.

Sophie and Tiffany set off in the raft over the deep blue sea. Tiffany went to her house on a train and Sophie walked it, it was only a few miles away. Sophie was glad she was home and she said she was never going diving again. We were all safe.

The End

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