By Louise, 10

After a few hours without Harry, I started to moan about stomach ache and heatstroke. Theo thought “why can she not stop moaning for one second?”

All of a sudden, I saw my friends the orang utangs that I had met earlier. They had brought some huge bunches of bananas.

After we had eaten the bananas, I set off into the forest to find some wood to make my own raft. When I had found some the orang utangs where still there but they had vines. Me and the orang utans started to assemble a raft.

After half an hour, I waved good bye and set out to sea. I had the spear that I had made earlier. I tried to fish with it but it was no use. After a bit, I fell asleep. I suddenly awoke and felt something hitting me. It was a fish! Something to eat at last. I ate it but I was still thirsty. I fell into a deep sleep.

After a few hours I felt a thud. I was on a beach and I saw a lifeguard. After I had some fish, chips and a drink I luckily caught a train and the train driver (Declan) gave me a free seat. I was relieved that I was home.

The End


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