By Hayley, 10

There we all were, stuck on the hot island. Skevie and Abbey were chopping trees down with an axe while the rest of us were looking for ropes for the sails. When we had finished we started to leave.

Half way there Claire fell overboard then Beth tried to reach her and then she fell in. Skevie, Abbey and Emma had stayed on the island. I was on my own. About ten minutes later I fell in when I was trying to get a fish.

The next day, I saw Beth and Claire on a stranded boat (but it was still floating though). They both pulled me up, I was gasping for air. Beth fell asleep, me and Claire sat and talked about what happened. We were almost there — in fact we were there: back in England.

Two days after, we all met. "It was a wet journey" I said. Everyone laughed.

The End

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