The mysterious island

By Emma, 11

Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea! We could build a boat! Sprinting into the wood I looked for a suitable tree. I used my machette which I'd found in the crowded jungle. It took me about half an hour to chop the tree down. When it was on the floor, I asked Hayley to chop off some strips of wood, because by now my arms were aching like mad. About three days later we had finally finished the boat! The problem was, I was starting to get little doubts in my mind that the boat wouldn't be strong enough, especially in a storm. When I told the group they were shocked but they could see my point.

Abbey and Skevie agreed so they decided to remain on the island. Around one week passed, and I was lying on the beach, it was scorching hot. But then a white patch was spotted on the sea and it was coming towards the island.

When the boat eventually arrived at the island, it appeared that the others had found their way home safely and sent a boat to come and collect me and Abbey and take us home, I was so relieved!

The End.

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