The Lamp
By Emma, 10

"Hey,you lot, look what I've found!" bellowed Declan. It was a green see-through bottle, covered in slime, as gruesome as a slug crawling across someone’s lips.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Tiffany were sitting in the dark, dismal, dirty cave. Suddenly they shouted, "We've found an animal lying in a puddle of blood!"

I exclaimed "I have an idea. What we can do is write with its blood on a leaf and put it in the bottle to float (s.o.s)."

We all called out "We shall do that then".

Then we built a plan B, a raft for all of us after we had found some wood.

When we had finished I decided to stay on the island. Later that day they were all setting off and I was saying "bye" to them. When they had left I built a fire. That night the fire was still burning flickering, furious flames, when I saw some dim lights being tossed upon the sea like a ghostly galleon. About two hours later the boat finally came close enough to board. I climbed the steep, wobbly stairs and found the captain standing at the top waiting for me. He was dressed in a fine smart uniform suit.

"Are you going to England?"

“Yes," I replied.

So the ship set off, into the deep glistening water for home. It was a few hours until the ship arrived in England. There stood on the path next to the boat I saw my parents. I wondered how they knew I was coming back but later they told me that the captain had radioed into the police station so they told my parents.

When it was morning I went to school to see my friends. They were all glad to see me! (and teachers too!).

The End.

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