By Claire, 10

There we were, all 6 of us, me, Hayley, Beth, Emma, Abbey and Skevie chopping trees and using sap of trees as glue. Emma had gone in the jungle to find a machette. We all built the boat to go home on.

When we had finshed Abbey, Emma and Skevie said they wanted to stay so me, Hayley, Beth and Digby (Beth`s dog) went on the boat. We were on the boat when I fell overboard and accidentally pulled in, I swam to a island. About 10 mins after, a boat came by I asked could I have a ride home.

I got on the boat and Beth was on it. A day later I saw Hayley in the sea so I pulled her up onto the boat. We got home. I was as happy as if it was my birthday.

The End

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