By Bethan, 11

There we all were, stuck on the island. Skevie and Abbey were cutting down trees, Emma helping every now and then, Claire was searching for wood, whilst me and Hayley were trying to stop Digby from running away. We were creating a boat!

When at last we were ready to go, Digby began to whimper. He was sad in a way, he was leaving a place he loved. Setting off was very hard. Emma, Abbey and Skevie were not joining us, so we had to say goodbye.

Half way there, Claire fell overboard, dragging me in with her! Digby fell too, and (trying hard not to sink) we swam for our lives! Not long after, Hayley joined us, gasping for breath and pointing aimlessly. Driving up was a massive boat.

"Help!" we screamed.

It was so dramatic! Just like a film! Before I knew what was happening, Hayley was hoisting me into the boat. I suddenly went dizzy, and everything turned black.

Waking up with my hair full of sand and soaking wet made me jump! I was back at home! Questions raced through my mind: How had I arrived back at home? Where were Claire and Hayley? What had happened to the island? My questions were unanswered. Looking back on what happened, I don't think anyone will believe it, but one thing’s for sure, I always will!

The End

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