By Abbey, 9

Suddenly I was left on the island with a small group so I choped the trees down and Skevie was helping me. We made a boat because we wanted to go back home.

Me and Emma stayed on the island as Claire, Skevie and Beth and her dog went off in the boat. They fell overboard and Skevie went in a helicopter. I sailed onto the sea alone.

It turned into night and I had to rest myself. It was nearly time for dinner but there was nothing to eat. I thought to myself I should try to catch fish. The fish were hard to get and there was a helicopter flying around me. I was waving my arms around.

It turned night. It was scary,when I woke up I missed the birds talking, singing, as well.

I was a couple of minutes from home. I arrived at the sailing centre and I walked back home. My sister was still angry at me.

The End

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