Peace is in our Hands

Our peace poems

Mr G. Barker's Year 5/6 class wrote about the most peaceful places
they could think of, describing them by using all their senses

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St Augustine's
Peace in our hands

The peaceful week

By Rebekah, 9

I live on a beautiful beach
I meet with my friends
Every day I go swimming in the deep blue sea
I hear waves crashing on the sharp rocks at night
I go to bed happy with a peaceful day in my mind.
I wake up to a nice day and I open the curtains with the sun smiling at me through the window.











The desert

By Craig, 10, James, 9, Malachi, 9

I see the hot bright sand
I hear the sand snake hissing
I feel the hot sun on the back of my neck and the scorpion sting
I smell the sweat from my forehead
I taste the burning sand


















By Dineka, 9, Ben, 10

I see angels with colourful crowns and white wings
I hear angels singing
I feel friendly fluffy clouds
I smell the sweet fresh air
I taste juicy pineapples and oranges












The Beach

By Kyle & Jamie 10

I see the hot sun
I hear the waves flowing across the sea
I feel the fun in my heart
I smell the relaxing sand
I taste the friendly sea as I swim

















Under the ocean on the seabed

By Theodore, 11, Reiss, 10, Lewis, 11

I see little blue speeding fish around
I feel a brown flat plaice on the ground
I hear the strong rapid waves splashing against the rocks
I smell the dead fish as rotten as socks
I taste the everlasting water in my mouth
















The deserted beach

By Anna, 11, Izzy, 10, Kim, 11

I see the calm ocean
I hear the friendly dolphins
I feel the smooth breeze brushing against my face
I smell the fresh bananas on the palm trees
I taste the inside of the brown coconuts

















The beach

By Max, 11, Kyren, 9, Javan, 10

The sea calm and relaxing
I feel the sun beating down on my back
All you can hear is waves
Rippling on the sand
I smell exotic fruit
And taste the milk from the coconuts off the palm trees

















Mediterranean Sea

By Jessy, 10, Sharon, 9, Johal, 10 and Cherestyna, 10

I see blue water going on for miles neverending
I hear harps playing peacefully
I feel the base of the sea
I scoop it up and runs out of my hands
I smell wonderful smells I have never smelled before
I taste the airy water just flowing in my mouth


















By Shannon, 10, and Llewela, 10

I see the bright yellow sun in the plain blue sky
I hear the blue sparkling sea rushing to the shore
I feel the hot dry sand in between my fingers when I touch it
I smell the chlorine in the deep blue sea
I taste the tropical fruits on the tall trees















Peaceful beach

By Lucy, 10, Ivana, 9, Coamihe, 10

I see the shiny sun blazing down on us
I hear my friends having fun in the warm deep blue sea
I feel the smooth sand running through my fingers
I smell the sun-cream protecting my back
I taste the ripe pineapples on the tree


















By Thomas, 9, Malachi, 10, Dominic, 9

I feel the heat of the big bright sun on my face
I hear nothing because it is so peaceful
I see a big sun setting in the sky
I smell the hotdogs waiting to be eaten
I taste the ice cream melting in my mouth

















By Danielle & Tyjuana 10

I see light white clouds playing hide and seek with the sun
I hear the wind wushing and pushing to make the waves crash onto the rocks
I feel the sand tingling on my legs
I smell the freedom of money as if it's near me
I taste the skittles as they pop out of the rainbow