Interactive Sharing Story

Let's write an Instant Story. Miss Knight's class have written the story, and you can help them finish it.

By Ishmael, Gareth, Shelby, Dylan, Thao, Duy, Shanelle, Georgina, Shane, Milo, Aston,
Schiennel, India, Cavan, Shayan, Xanthe, Keanu, Joseph, Gervaze, Tanisha, Joseph, Rayon,
Emma, Jodie, Dillon, Suneet, Amy and Akaih, all aged 5 and 6

We need some information to get started: please type it the boxes below.

Type a boy's name.
Type the name of your school (include the word "School")
Type the name of your teacher.
Another boy's name.
A girl's name.
Something nice that someone might have in their hand in the playground.
Another girl's name.
A Pokemon.
The name of a Greek god. Could be a real god or one you make up!
An outside part of the body.
How would our hero feel after being set on fire?

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