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Kids on the Net's guidelines for Net Safety

The Internet is UNCENSORED, that means that anyone can say anything at any time. You may find people who who think the world is flat... you may find people who think children are messy and dirty and shouldn't be allowed. And some people pretend to be kids when they're not. To avoid any problems:

Unless you have the PERMISSION of your Mum,Dad, carer or teacher:

  1. Never fill out questionnaires or any forms online, or give out personal information to anyone (such as your full name, age, address, phone number or school) about yourself or anyone else.
  2. Never tell anyone online where you will be or what you will be doing in real life.
  3. Never respond to or send email to new people you meet online.
  4. Never go into a new online area that is going to cost additional money
  5. Never post, send or receive pictures online. Picture files generally end with GIF, JPG, or JPEG. Don’t send a picture even by snailmail to anyone you've met on the Internet
  6. Never buy or order products online.
  7. Never mention your physical description to anyone. People on the internet do not need to know what you look like.

Unless you have your Mum, Dad and teacher WITH YOU:

  • Never agree to meet in person with anyone you have spoken to online
  • Never enter a chat room. Some "kids" you meet in chat rooms my not really be kids; they may be adults with bad intentions. Remember, people may not be who they say they are.

And there are rules for polite behaviour on the Net just as there are for everywhere else. These are known as NETIQUETTE. Remember - it's not just a computer, there are real people out there with real feelings.

  1. Don't say rude or nasty things to anyone online.
  2. Don't do things online that you know you shouldn't do in real life.
  3. Never respond to rude or offensive email, messages, or postings.
  4. Don't type in capital letters - it's thought of as SHOUTING.

What to do if something odd happens:

  • If people are saying horrid or worrying things online, don't join in or answer. Just quit or close and go somewhere else: then tell your parents or teacher. Tell adults at once if anyone says "bad" things to you online.
  • Don't open emails that you did not ask for if they have attachments. Tell an adult at once if this happens, or if you open an email that has "bad" things in.
  • Remember that sometimes people pretend to be different people online.
  • If you find a website with "bad" stuff, just click the back button and go somewhere else.
  • Never respond to rude or offensive email, messages, or postings. Never respond to any angry or suggestive contact, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Immediately log off and telling Mum/Dad/teacher as soon as possible.
  • Always tell Mum and/or Dad about something you saw, whether you meant to or not, that is upsetting.
  • Tell Mum/Dad/Teacher if anything seems strange to you, if you are asked personal ("what are you wearing" type) questions, or if your online friend invites you someplace.

Whether you use Mum or Dad's email address or have your own

Don't send or receive email without them checking it first or checking it with you.


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