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Victorian School Rules From “Children should not speak unless spoken to” to “Children with nits, fleas or contagious diseases should not attend school” - Find out whether you could abide by Victorian school rules.

Victorian Britain The BBC’s site on children in Victorian Britain. This interesting and fun historical site gives an insight into the lives of Victorian children, and is designed for children age 9-11 years. It covers children at work, at school, and at play. You can learn all about the rules for Victorian playground games – like Hopscotch! With animations, games and video clips, this site’s a lot of fun!

Explore a Victorian House! A great cartoon with Josie and Gleep the alien visiting a Victorian House to find out how people lived a hundred years ago in Victorian times.

Play a Peeler An online presentation from The Learning Curve all about Victorian Britain, with questions, fun activities and timelines. In the “Lawless” section you can play the part of a “Peeler” – a Victorian policeman. Spot the crime, arrest the criminals, and even set the punishment – but don’t let the offender escape!

How Queen Victoria Changed School Rules forever! When Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 very few ordinary children went to school – they had to work to earn some much needed money for their families. By the end of Queen Victoria's reign the law required all children to attend school. This website shows how this change in the law made an education available for all.

All about the Victorians A great site written by Nettlesworth Primary School in Durham. Lots of useful, clear information and photographs – worth a visit!

More about the Victorians Another informative and fun site from a primary school – this time Snaith Primary in East Yorkshire!

Victorians on the Web Lots of links to Victorian sites from Sir Robert Hitcham’s Primary School in Suffolk!

Victorian Web Portal If you want to find more Victorian sites – try this one first!

Victorian Robots! Bet you didn’t know they had robots in Victorian times! I’m not kidding! Check out this site claiming to have the biggest collection of images and information on Victorian-era robots on the Web. Read all about the world's first robot, the Steam Man, created in 1865! Later robots such as the Electric Man, the Automatic Man, and Boilerplate are all covered in details – with photos. The site has even been declared "cool" by NASA!

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