My monster's name is Uffalumb and his dog's name is Buttons. Uffalump is a slimy green color ad he has some little purple spots all over his body. Uffalump has one big eye that bulges out of his head.

Uffalump has two short and stubby legs that have three toes. Uffalump enjoys socializing with other monsters, but he only likes the friendly ones.

He enjoys riding his hover bike and he also enjoys playing with his dog Buttons. Uffalump likes to eat pond scum, grass, bushes, and the moss that grows on the ground.

Oh yeh, don't leave your homework lay either. If you don't want your brother or sister, Uffalump will take them.

By Jessica, aged 11, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Concept (c) 1999 by Mark Burgess and Kids on the Net, February 1999