Ronald the roaster
Fat Gourg's Friends, Room 19

I am shaped like a saucepan,
My skin is smooth and shiny and i'm metal,
I have no arms and no hands or fingers,
My legs are red and blue and i have sneakers on my feet,
I have six eyes that are red, blue and green,
The pattern on my skin is stripy,
My favouite food is eyeballs on toast,
At night I don't eat anything,
My home is a lollypop,
My house is in lollypop land,
I have two brothers fluber and tall tum,
I can boil things for people who want things boiled,
My brothers help me plant lollypops in my garden,
The one thing I do is go to school,
My age is 30,
I don't have any babies,
Tall Tum is my best brother,
But I do have wings on my back to help me get around,
I have a button on me to start me boiling.
(July 08)

Hollie, Measham, UK, 8

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